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Jamie Bulger

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Guest sandpipper

Something to think about......... Do you remember

February 1993 when a


young 3 yr old was taken from Liverpool,United


Kingdom, by two 10-year-old






Jamie Bulger walked away from his mother for only a


second and Jon Venables


took his hand and led him out of the mall with his


friend Robert Thompson.




They took Jamie on a walk for over 2 and a half miles,


along the way


stopping every now and again to torture the poor


little boy who was crying


constantly for his mummy.




Finally they stopped at a railway track where they


brutally kicked him,


threw stones at him, rubbed paint in his eyes and


pushed batteries up his


anus. It was actually worse than this . What these two


boys did was so


horrendous that Jamie's mother was forbidden to


identify his body.




They then left his beaten small body on the tracks so


a train could run him


over to hide the mess they had created. These two


boys, even being boys,


understood what they did was wrong, hence trying to


make it look like an






This week Lady Justice Butler-Sloss has awarded the


two boys anonymity for


the rest of their lives when they leave custody with


new identities.




They will also leave later this year only serving just


over half of their


sentence. They are being relocated to Australia to


live out the rest of


their lives. (didn't think we were a convict


settlement anymore) They


disgustingly and violently took Jamie's life away - in


return they each get


a new life.




Please .. if you feel as strongly as we do, that this


is a grave miscarriage


of justice . copy entire email and paste into new


email... then add your


name at the end, and send it to everyone you can!



e-mail to:


[email protected]


<mailto:[email protected]> and attention it


to Lady Justice Butler-Sloss. Then start the list over


again and send to


your friends and family.




The Love-Bug virus took less that 72 hours to reach


the world. I hope this


one does as well.




We need to protect our family and friends from


creatures like Robert and


Jon. One day they maybe living next door to you and


your small children or


your grandchildren, without your knowledge.



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Dont know if you heard over there about a brutal murder in Melbourne just a few weeks ago. A little girl of about 8 who was in a Shopping Center with her Uncle and brother went to the Public Toilet. Her relatives stood outside a community door that led down the hall to the ladies, mens and disabled toilet. After 10 minutes they went to look for her, as she had obviously not left the area. They found her brutally beaten, limbs broken, sexually molested and dead on the floor of the disabled toilet. They gave a description of a man who had exited the area while they were waiting and within an hour or so they had arrested a 22 year old man who worked in the complex. As obviously news of the impending release, identity change and relocation to Australia of the two boys who killed James Bolger had got out, he was immediately suspected of being one of the two boys.


I can't imagine how James Bolgers parents feel about their release, and we would all like to believe that the parents of the two boys involved were careless, unloving or irresponsible people. There are only two scenarios here, either that is the truth and therefore the parents are guilty of this crime, not the children, and why weren't they punished, or the parents are normal loving parents like any of us would hope to be considered and therefore any one of our children could possess the ability to do what these boys did. Would you feel the same if one of your children was the perpetrator?


I always said that if one of my adult sons ever commited a heinous crime I would want them to receive the maximum punishment that they deserved, but if my 10 year old son had done such a thing, I would have to question every moment of his young life and try to understand what caused it and who was to blame. I think when young malleable children are involved, there is no black and white. For example, only one of these children would have come up with the idea to walk away with this little boy. They couldn't have both had the same evil intentions on the same day, one was an influence on the other or they gave each other the urge to keep going. This is the loss of three lives in my opinion, a tragedy.

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it was a very very sad story here on Merseyside when it happened, i was working in a hotel at the time that police from around the country were staying at as they were helping with the inquiry, i dont think the 2 lads will remain "unknown" for long though whatever country they end up in.

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Can we please just cool it a bit? This thread is going the right way to be locked, which perhaps it should have been in the first place. It serves absolutely no purpose at all to encourage the sending of chain letters/emails on any topic, and if anybody thinks that such a course of action is going to change anything with regard to the criminal law, then they're just being naive.

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i dont think the 2 lads will remain "unknown" for long though whatever country they end up in.



Well they should be okay if they keep their noses clean, at least thats the way it should be, but like I said in my earlier post, every man of that age in Australia who commits a crime against a child will be scrutinised to find out if he is one of them, but who cares if that happens. If they commit another such crime they should be locked away for life. You only get one chance to redeem yourself.

I hate getting up early, I didn't even realise there were two 6 o'clocks in one day!
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Sorry, but I am 100% behind Casey on this one! I would suggest the Brumegen Phil change his name to P.C.phil. So you feel pity for the murdering barstewards? They took a little boys LIFE after TORTURING him!! And you think the few years in jail is enough? You think sending them to Australia (at our expense) is enough? Rewarding them with a new start is enough? They will be GIVEN (at our expense) accommodation, furniture, clothing and food. They will be given a CLEAN criminal record (because of the anonimity) What a reward for a dastardly, sadistic, brutal murder!!!

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I first saw this months ago so I'm not quite sure why it has suddenly reemerged and got everyone so riled up.

What these two did was horible and all the more so for anyone who lives in the same comunity as they did but as far as anyone is aware, it was a single offence and not the sort of protracted display of violence shown by Brady and Hindley or the Krays.

They've already served far longer than most adults would have and there has to come a time when they are released. It might as well be now.

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I am very disappointed in the Moderator(s) of this thread that has seen fit to delete my post, is it okay for B Phil to make derogatory remarks, in my eyes and others yet his post stays. His post is tantamount to war in Liverpool yet I call him something we all know and I get done.


This is the end of me on this site, I have loved the interaction with quite a few of yers, yer a good bunch..but


To Kleinboet, Stubbsy and you other gooduns..goodbye! ;)


Just to let yer know, I was once danzante and came back on with another username, it happened in the past to me when I upset a female in a friendly way that is yet the owner or moderator thought otherwise.


Sh-1t happens! :)

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