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Thanks from Charles Rangeley-W? Accidental Angler TV

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Charles. Thanks for taking the time to respond.


I thoroughly enjoyed the programme as did a lot of my friends, none of whom are fishermen. They commented on things like the scenery, which was breathtaking by the way, and a couple of them have now asked me if they can have a go next time I go.


So a result there then. possibly two or three more fishermen amongst us.


Well done I am looking forward to the rest of the series



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Yes, Thanks for replying Charles. I have posted about the lack of Angling on the BBC and whilst I agree that it is unlikely that they will ever do an out and out angling programme, when you consider the numbers it doesn't really make sens.


Anyway a great programme and I look forward to the rest of the series.


One question if you look at this again. I raised the question of hair rigging the ragi. Seemed to me that as the balls were so hard, it might be easier to hook fish that way. Someone said that the mahseer crush the ragi, but have you tried hair rigs?

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Well, thanks again!


If Jeepster can let me know his email I can always let the BBC know about him if we make more progs. I do not chose the crews though!!


Den, of course a prog like that will be criticised. Fair enough. I'd like to read endless praise, but I never expected to and well meant criticism is just fine with me.


Mike T: there is a DVD, or at least I have a copy, but I don't know when it will be on general release.


My book is out now. It has four stories related to the BBC progs and nine more that are just travelogues and pieces about fishing – sea trout in Southampton, tope in the Wash, the Seychelles etc.. Tap The Accidental Angler into Amazon: they're doing a biggish discount at the mo. You can buy with Yates' very good book for a special deal too.


Waveney One: I think it would be very interesting to go over there with some carp experts (I am not one!). I tried to set up a running rig with a boom and was scowled at by Suhban (in a nice way)! He is a brilliant guide, but perhaps the preferred tackle could be experimented with. The problem though is you get so few hits, you don't want your experiment to go wrong. It may be your only chance. Maybe the hooks could be a bit smaller. Maybe the raggi could be smaller or even flavoured. I haven't used a hair rig: does it run a risk of hooking the fish outside the mouth? I reckon the biggest problem might be the line you have to use. Maybe the mahseer are wising up to 50lb mono, but I don't think there is any choice. Braid would cut through on the rocks.


best fishes,


Charles R-W.

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My wife and I watched it, she visited India earlier this year courtesy of her boss Dr Kumar, the trip was paid for by Dr Kumar as a reward to her and her work colleague and good friend Dawn, for many years of hard work and loyal service,they both had the most amazing time and were struck by the two extremes of wealth (they stayed in five star converted palaces!) and abject poverty everywhere they visited, anyway Dr Kumar re-visited his birthplace a couple of months ago and actually went fishing himself (I think I must have sown the seed at a B-B-Q we both attended)he did catch a couple but only very small ones, on Monday my wife asked if he had seen the program and of course he had, next year he is retiring and is definitely returning for another bash, it moved him so much.

I am a match angler .....not an anti-Christ!!!]

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Just to bump it back to the top so those that are interested don't forget that it's on again this evening.


If you enjoy it, as I'm sure you will if it's as beautifully filmed as the first one, make sure you contact the BBC and let them know, to hopefully spur them into commissioning a second series. If we don't tell them we like it, how do they know?


Have a good evening everyone.



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just watching todays one ,hopefully you'l invest in a landing net next time ;)

i'm not a globetrotting fisherman mainly because i can drag ones just as big out on bread just down the road ,but if the money for the show paid for the trip it maybe just worth putting up with the foreigners and the such ;)

not sure how it works but do you get the dosh for the holiday up front or have the holiday then hopefully sell the footage on getting home :D

your welcome to try for our elusive koi at stockbridge but i bet the film wont have much action ,at least it will only be the bus fare your wasting :D

a bounacy aid as well could avert a sudden production run as well your not going to get a helicopter rescue that far up :thumbs:

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Just watched today's adventure in Bhutan. All I say is that it was absolutely superb!! I love travelogues, I love fishing programs. This was the best of both worlds.


So congratulations and thanks to Charles and the whole team!

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Well Ive just watched tonights programme after missing last weeks.


Well its crtainly more of a travelouge than a fishing programme.The fishing really just being the reason to travel.That said I enjoyed it.Get a bit fed up with watching yet another game angler catching King Salmon in Alaska or going down Sea Trout fishing in Patagonia you know all the "usual stuff" very little new in the angling and nothing about the country.


This was certainly better than those and despite it not being an out and out angling programme I will certainly watch it again.Im sure that if the rest are like this many non anglers will also be regular viewers.


Yes nice one Charles.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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