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Thanks from Charles Rangeley-W? Accidental Angler TV

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I thought it was nice how that carp angler, with the tinnies, was shown, and how the viewers (who might only see the carp anglers with the tinnies, when dog walking etc) where shown the alternative type of angler.

The focus on rubbish was done well, it showed that people where actually polluting natural resources, such as the rivers, and that its only man acting like he does, by fly-tipping etc, that changes that natural river, into a dirty river-like body of water. I think that maybe people that throw rubbish into urban rivers do so, because they dont view them as natural objects, they view them merely as part of the concrete jungle, a ditch to be abused. Its only the city itself that kills the river, the river would come back, much like an endangered animal if the city let it.


nice to see it shot close to home aswell, well, closer than asia anyway.

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OK, I take it back about the natives, they were friendly in this episode too :).


An enjoyable program, although it did not need the contrived "last day of the season" and "last 3 hours" cliff-hangers, if there are so few trout then surely you can fly fish for other fish at any time of the coarse fish open season on those streams?

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I think that maybe people that throw rubbish into urban rivers do so, because they dont view them as natural objects, they view them merely as part of the concrete jungle, a ditch to be abused.


People chuck stuff into rural rivers (and stillwaters) as well, and always have done - it's the sheer numbers doing it in the cities (and sometimes what they throw in) that really causes a pollution problem.


I think it must have been quite bad during the Bronze and Iron Ages too - if it wasn't votive offerings going in by the cartload, it was sacrificial victims after their heads had been bashed in and their throats cut, in order to complete the "triple death" demanded by the gods...

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I've just watched Sunday's programme, and really enjoyed it. It reminded me of seeing good roach in the Manchester canals on a school walk from central Manchester to Guide Bridge. We went back that weekend and fished for them, and catching fish in the middle of the concrete jungle seemed somehow surreal.

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I know your forum isn't technically "feedback" but many thanks to everyone for all the positive comments and thanks also for the positively meant critical comments.


I have no idea if I'll get a chance to do more shows with the BBC, but if I do all your comments will be useful.


A few of you made the point that the BBC is never going to make a through and through angling show for a prime evening slot on BBC2. This is true, I'm sure. This format – which is new – was an attempt to bring in people, landscape, culture, history, all centred around the wonderful fish that are the reason for the journey – whether that's London or Bhutan.


The idea was to create something that would appeal to a wider audience – and of course bring the wonders of fishing to a wider audience.


Loads of people liked the mellow pace of the mahseer episode – though obviously some didn't. Noddy Holder on Radio 2 last night said the show went a long way to explaining the fascination and compulsion of fishing. He doesn't fish. Found it boring as an idea. Now he's interested. That's a result. The show got Pick of the Day in every weekend paper I read and a great review in the Times on Monday. I did Midweek on Radio 4 on Wednesday and a load of BBC regional radio shows. Though each interview tended to start with the "I always thought fishing was dull" premise, none of them ended like that. All of that exposure was really positive, and has to be good for the sport. I doubt we'd have got it with a hardcore fishing programme.


Comparisons with the brilliant Passion For Angling are always going to be hard to live up to. But this is a new format, so to the doubters I'd say please give it time.


I have to agree that I am definitely not the consummate TV presenter. I never pretended to be. I'm a writer. One thing I'd decided at the outset was to be myself, and not to try the hyped up style that I personally find a little grating sometimes. I wanted my style to be "look at and enjoy what I'm looking at" not "look at me". But it is very tricky "relating" to a camera. I think (hope) I got better as the filming went on.


For the too observant among you, you might find the following interesting: I caught two mahseer, one of 25 lbs, one of 30 (though Saad reckoned 35): hence the writing on the jeep. The cameraman was ill in hospital with de-hydration and sun-stroke on that day. The director stood in filming the second fish, though the crew were downstream when it was hooked. It is very tricky being in the right place at the right time, all the time! I'm sorry I seemed too unexcited for some. I was simply in awe of this wonderful fish, and felt a quiet tone would show it due respect.


Anyway, cheers again for all the support and favourable comments. I hope you like the rest of the shows.


Charles R-W


PS One last small point in answer to one well meant criticism: I don't use unhooking mats. If I'm releasing a fish I like to keep it in the water as much as I can. In fact I had a gentle hold on that little mahseer – even though it was wriggling – and I kept it in the water.


:sun: Well done Charles, its refreshing to see good all round fishing programmes on TV.

I also agree with you about being yourself, too many presenters try to be what they are not and it shows; although they never realise it.

Finally remember that old saying; You can please most of the people most of the time, but not all of them all of the time.

So keep the programmes coming I for one never miss it

Malky :D

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Thoroughly enjoyed the 'pocket water' trouting, Charles you last a mean short line - very tricky!

The travelogue ones I also enjoyed although maybe a touch too much non fishing.

As for similar - maybe a search for a char, ferox, ice fishing, the elusive 'wild' rainbows in Yorkshire and Hampshire? 'Pocket water' big grayling - more of the elusive UK fishes - as Leon says - Mullet and Bass on the fly are tricky.

Jealousy: totally irrational anger directed at people who happen to be richer, prettier, thinner, cleverer and more successful than you are.
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The last program struck a cord with me as I have been fishing urban rivers for the last two years. There is one swim right at the side of the Bassets factory in Sheffield. You stand under an ugly concrete bridge linking the two sites, fork lift trucks overhead, wire fencing all over the place and cast into an eddy right next to the factory wall. Another top place was described as being between the wheelie bin and the shopping trolley.


The EA are doing a grand job clearing the junk out and we have Mrs. Thatcher to thank for the water quality. Twenty years ago these rivers were running industrial sewers, now they harbour dippers, kingfishers, otters (I am reliably told) and a good head of trout, grayling and barbel.

Regards, Clive



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I've just sent this e-mail to Points of View at the BBC. If I get a reply I'll post it here:


"Thank-you very much for The Accidental Angler. I love fishing programmes, I love travelogues. This combination of the two was excellent. This was one of the few programmes I'd stay in for rather than record and perhaps then not watch.


Are there plans for any more? Indeed, are there plans for any other fishing programmes?"

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