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I have seen bait pumps listed on Ebay and I wonder if anyone has any personal experience of using them on beaches that are a mixture of mud and soft sand . Are they just a just a total waste of time and money or do they work ? In the past I used to dig my own bait, but I am unable to do it anymore and supplies of good lug are not always easy to come by especially on short tides.

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Hi Tigger2000 I'd suggest you take a look around the area you intend to pump first, to see if there''s any bait collectors out there.


Bait pumps, as you'r thinking, are not suitable for all bait collecting areas, where do you intend pumping ?


I've pumped on the shores of the Wirral, New Brighton/Hoylake. They'r ideal mud n sand worm beds for pumping.


My brother has pumped for worm on the beaches, at Skegness, and been very successful.


There's a few variations of the bait pump that I'd suggest you look out for ie:-


S/Steel :thumbs:


Plastic :thumbdown:


Small bore (approx 1") :thumbs:


Large bore (approx 2") :thumbdown:


They also vary in length, so if your tall, a long one, if your likkle a shorter one. Unfortunately I don't know the lengths of either. :blink:


I hope this helps ;)

Cheers 4 Now

John E

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As we're getting quite a few hits to this thread, here's a link to bait pumps for sale:



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