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In my opinion yes, more megapixels (handy for crops) - more auto focus points (though most people only use center), larger LCD and the thing that would clinch it for me ... it attempts to tackle the sensor dust issue also Canons dust shake thingy.


Ive read comments from pros that use it as a backup camera, and are more than happy with how it performs.



tha fis agam a bhe iasg nuth dunidh sasain!



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:) Go for it the 400D is a BIG improvement on the 350D easier to use, MUCH better focusing and can now be got for less than £460 body only from Wharehouse Express.

And all your lens's will fit!



I got a 400D just a few weeks ago at £474 with lens, crap lens tho.


Yogi. :)

Take nothing but photo's.

Leave nothing but footprints.

Kill nothing but time.

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Are there any different variations on the 400D. I've seen some just called a 400D, Rebel and Kiss Digital. Are they all exactly the same camera or is there some sort of subtle differance?



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Well, when I got mine (300D) it was branded as a "Digital Rebel" because it was bought in the states.


The three names are for


300D = Europe

Digital Rebel = States

Kiss Digital = Asia


Thats how I understand it.



There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. - Ansel Adams


Focal Planet

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