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which spinnerbaits....

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Can anyone give me abit of info , ,i,m currently sorting all my lures out and was thinking of investing in some spinnerbaits , its a lure ive never used before so would like abit of advise on which ones to go for , when pike fishing in rivers and deep gravel pits , ive looked through a few u.s sites and there is about a million different types to choose from ,and just wondered if they were all the same bar colour and sizes or is there a particular type regular lure fishers go for in the uk when seeking big pike from pits n rivers ...cheers

any help appreciated ...Dave smith

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Go for one which will suit the tackle you use weight wise. They are all similar, though there are differences which make a difference depending on how deep you want them to run and whether you need them to be easy to fish on the drop.


Generally, colorado blades (the very rounded type) fish the shallowest/slowest as they have the most lift and the willow blades (long and thin) fish the deepest or fastest.


If you use heavyish tackle I really like raddogs, grinders and Ace tandems - which are all American musky lures, but I mostly use home made ones.


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Dav - You should really hold onto a selection of them........Remember different spinners/lure work well in different conditions.

Can't hurt to have a few extra lures!

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A selection - yes indeed. If you can manage it. I'd suggest

- each of the blade variations in a white, a dark blue, and a chartreuse.

- Cold weather

- - Large colorado

- - Large Willow

- Warm Weather

- - double colorado

- - double willow

- - double /w one of each


With that selection you should be able to find fish pretty much year around. Start with the single blade designs now since the weather is cool and probably (unless you can spring for a number of them) colorado in white and in dark blue for openers.

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Some excellent advice on this thread.


The only things I'd add is that if you want to get a spinnerbait to run deep (as you may want to in cold weather), all other things being equal a single-bladed one will be better than a twin-bladed model. You can also get a spinnerbait to run deeper by changing the blade to a smaller one, or by changing the shape of the blade (see Tim's post).


Try to find a spinnerbait with a ball-bearing swivel as this will give you the option of retrieving more slowly, as well as at faster speeds


Finally, many US spinnerbaits are made for the bass market and aren't designed to be used with a wire trace. Rather the line is tied direct and so they don't have a closed loop attachment, just a vee shape. This can cause tangles as the snap on the end of a wire trace slips along the shaft. The answer is to use a float cap of an appropriate size or close the vee with a piece of wire.

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I can vouch for these, fantastic baits everything else looks like a toy in comparison. Steve builds baits that work and his adaptations for specific applications all make sense. Check the site even if it to read up on his tips on how to fish them. The best spinnerbaits around and incredibly good value for money.

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