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braid for lure fishing, which type?

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There are several good brands on the market.Sinking or floating I dont find it matters for lure fishing.Breaking strain doesnt really matter.Just make sure its diameter is between 0.32 and 0.35mm.Sometimes the diameter wont be given it will just say "diameter similar to Xlb mono" if it does get one similar to 12-15lb mono.


One brand you see going cheap regularly is Whiplash.It goes cheap because its crap! definately one I would advise to avoid.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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Braid takes quite a hammering with constant casting, not to mention the need for frequently pulling out of snags.


Generally braid has quite low abarasion resistance, so after a little wear, the margin for strength is soon eroded.


With such low diameters on offer these days, I prefer to overgun the bs, using at least 30lb - 50lb braid for most lure fishing (higher when using big jerk baits).


It's a relief to get back a lure when either a sunken branch snaps off, or a hook pulls straight, rather than leaving the lure and several metres of braid firmly anchored to the bottom.


It's also worth discarding the leading 2 or 3 metres of line after a session which has taken the most damage from both casting, and abrasion.

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When I first used braid I chose the same diameter as the nylon monofilament I'd been using. However, since switching to a lighter breaking strain my catch rate has improved.


It's just possible that in such clear water it's been the lower visibility that's mattered. Rather though, I think it's been due to the action of the lure not being impeded to the same extent. It's surprising how much this happens even with medium-sized lures, especially those with little built-in action like jigs. The lighter line also means that I'm able to cast further with a fixed spool reel, and this has definitely made a very significant difference to my catch rate at venues like Wingham. It also means that lures (especially crankbaits) will run deeper, and on my waters this is a definite plus.


You do of course need to match the line to the outfit you're using, and the increase in casting difference doesn't apply to nearly the same extent with a multiplier.


So rather than going along with the common practice of choosing the same diameter braid as mono and therefore getting just an increase in strength, I go for a somewhat thinner braid. This gives me both and increase in strength (although a lesser one), plus the advantages mentioned above.


For instance, for lures up to 40 grams (1½ ozs) or so I choose 20lb Power Pro.


Early braids had particularly poor abrasion resistance, but this appears to have improved recently with the advent of lines such as Power Pro and Bullet Braid. Although braid is not as abrasion resistant as nylon monofilament of the same diameter, I've only once had a cut off with 20lb Power Pro and never with 15lb Bullet Braid, the latter being understated in breaking strain.


Braid is of course more expensive per yard than mono, but it does last for years. When it gets worn I simply reverse it on the reel and get double the life.


For a very good price on Power Pro (£19.50 for 300 yards including postage) go to AN's own Graham Elliott at http://www.anglingexperience.co.uk/power-pro-braid.htm.

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light lures,jigs spinnerbaits,plugs etc i use 38lb antares,on a fixed spool reel.



for jerkbaits and snaggy waters i use 80-100lb x-tuff on a mulitplier set up,i think thats whats on it anyway,bouhgt of a good mate of mine already loaded up.


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As with most things, its down to personal opinion, unlike budgie, I find wiplash to be a superior braid that has the qualitites i like, conversely, I hate power pro yet many praise it. For my lure fishing, I use fireline in 20lb for piking and 8lb for perch.

Oh and budgie, the cheapest ive seen wiplash is £18, the cheapest ive seen power pro for the same 300yards is £17.50.

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