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No More Trebles

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Budgie - he got hung on a snag/log/rock/old auto/something.


Are you saying he needed braid strong enough to bend or break the hook?

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Yes Dad.If you use the right combination it will safely land anything but by using a direct pull you will be able to straighten /break the hooks.All about voiding leaving a baited hook/set of hooks in the water.


Not a dig at Leon or his tactics as the old farts forgot more about piking than I will ever know! but more just to point out to ohers reding that it in its self isnt a reason for not using trebles.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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But (and plese take this in the way its intended!) if you had been using a suitable braid/hook strength combination the whole thing would have never come about.


I am of course presumming it was the bait/hooks that were snagged and not the line/trace.


Hi Budgie,


Eighteen pound mono finally gave way at the knot tied to the swivel when I pulled for a break after all the usual attempts (slack-lining, shaking, pulling upriver/downriver) to free from the 'snag' failed.


(Sometimes Ford Cortina's buried beneath the remains of a waterlogged oak tree just won't move! :) )



(Previous snagging close-in did break the hook, rather than the line parting, so maybe the titanium trace or more likely the eye of the hook/swivel, had snagged rather than the bend of the hook. The regurgitated bait, trace and hook were undamaged, so I reckon that it was the eye of the swivel that snagged, then fell back).

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I fished the Anglersnet Barton Court Fish-in yesterday.


Although I had bought along all of my pike fishing tackle, I was principally fishing lob-worms intended for perch, but carried with me a lure rod baited with an abu atom with just one 2/0 circle hook at the tail end.


I came across a piky looking swim with restricted casting due to trees etc in the water.


First cast and close to the bank, there was a flash of jack-pike and I struck (forgetting that I was using a circle).


Of course the lure came back as the jack swirled at my feet.


I lowered the lure, the jack took it, and I let it hook itself before lifting it's head from the water to roll the circle-hook out of the side of the mouth with my fingers. Around 4lbs.


I had a couple of more pike (pikelets) 2lb and 1lb on the lobworm to a size 8 circle hook, tied directly to 4lb mono (intended for perch) again both unhooked by rolling the hook out with my fingers.


(A much larger pike broke me when it thrashed amongst the reeds in the far margin).


So that's it for season (I'm gonna write up my experiences and thoughts on using circles for pike sometime).


(Incidentally, I also had a couple of perch on the lobworm baited size 8 circle hooks, both hooked in the top lip, and quite a few brown trout, three of which had taken the hook deep, so that it was only just visible and needed to be removed by rolling the hook out using forceps, not particularly easy to do. One of these actually took the lob-worm as it was being retrieved, so they were just gulping straight down. It seems that small circles work for perch, and pike, but are not good for trout, so in future I won't be using them when trout are likely. It will be easier to deal with deep-hooked trout using a conventional disgorger if they have taken a J hook).

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