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Gerry Castles

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Argyll you'll be surely missed by your friends on this forum, RIP Gerry.





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I never met the man but you don't need me to tell you that all the posts above show what a kind and humble man he was. Thoughts are with the family and friends.


On a side note, I am pretty sure it was Argyll who sold me my Avon rod. First fish I caught on it was a double figure Barbel. Don't think I ever got to tell him about it so will have to do it again for him.

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I personally didnt know gerry, but as a member of the forum and have read his posts, i offer my deepest haerth-felt sympaties to his family,relatives and friends


+ may his soul and the souls of all our departed rest in peace +

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I've just caught up with this thread. Sad doesn't cover it.


Like many on here I never met Gerry, only 'spoken' on line. But, (as with most AN members) I have a mental picture of what I think he was like. The posts from those that knew him, make it clear I was not far out with my assessment.

I can think of nothing more to say than, that of the few people I know I could enjoy a day or twos fishing with, he would be one of the first names I would think of.


Could those of you that know his family, please pass on my sympathy, and sincere condolences.





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Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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I'm sure this is how Gerry would like to be remembered by us - i.e. holding the very thing that gave him so much pleasure and enjoyment!!




He'll be greatly missed.


Nice one Charlie. Spot on. :)

Bleeding heart liberal pinko, with bacon on top.



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I have been trying since Wednesday to write this, I emailed Elton and Barry after I had received Barry’s email to say I couldn’t do it. I only spoke to Gerry on Tuesday to ask if he was feeling any better, he sounded a bit perkier and said how much he had enjoyed the oranges I took him on Sunday.


Yesterday I was looking for tasty treats to take him, then had to move on quickly before making a fool of myself in Sainsburys. I look at the card on the side waiting to be posted, the drinks I had already got to take on my next visit.


Anglers Net has been my ‘virtual family’ for some years now, the first virtual friend we lost was Gordon Scott. We were arranging our first AN fish-in on the River Severn then Gordon was suddenly taken from us. We went ahead with the fish-in, we organised an enormous rafffle and raised about £700+ with this money we purchased a bench, which was placed down by the Severn, his favourite river. The rest went to a charity that Gordon supported. Gordon and I had arranged a fishing trip together, unfortunately I had to cancel and never got another chance. Although we had never met I still felt I had lost a really good friend.


Next was Alan Taylor, I did get to meet Alan and we spoke a few times on the phone. I read of his death on here at a time when I was ill and had my father seriously ill in hospital. My thoughts were with him and his family but I could not cope with anything else at the time to post anything.


I still can’t believe Gerry has gone. On Sunday we talked about him getting better, as he said he would not be up to the grayling bash but hoped to be OK for Wingham. He was telling me that Steve took some flack because he had invited him pike fishing at Wingham, he was so looking forward to going. I know he won’t be there in body but if you have any line bites down there that will be Gerrrys lure running over your line. :)


By the number of posts it shows how popular he was on this site and there has already been a huge void without him posting and now it will be a permanent one. I know there is one my heart. Gerry has been so supportive to me over the last couple of years. He helped on my junior fish-in last year and like a lot of my helpers was hooked but was not well enough this year which annoyed him.


I think it would be nice to place a bench somewhere for Alan and Gerry, Steve, ;);) as a lasting memory of two gentlemen that we have all had the pleasure of knowing.


I will really miss you Gerry, take my Dad fishing for me. ;)


My thoughts are with his family and friends.



One life, live it, love it, fish it!




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