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Trevor (Deep Invader) had told my wife and I just how ill Gerry was, and that was a great shock in itself. Even after a hint of what was instore it is still a great, great shock.


Gerry was young for his years, and I shall remember watching him blasting out lures on his Dave Lumb rods with the enthusiasm of a much younger man, and the deceptively easy expertise that comes with maturity and experience. He really will be missed by the many who knew him.


Just told my family, my Emma, mother of four was quite rattled. The grandkids really liked Gerry, or was it his Crunchie bars that appeared from nowhere? Funny how people remember folk for different things, they only met him once, but his generosity to a bunch of kids that he had never met before had really stuck in my wife and daughters minds. Strange how he just happened to have exactly the right amount of bars with him.

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As one of the older members who never met Gerry in person, (but communicated with him plenty of times on the forum), he came across as being exactly as being described on this forum.

Gerry, my friend (if you will allow me the honour of calling you that), I hope that the fishing is good where you are! R.I.P.



fishing is nature's medical prescription

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This forum was always better for Gerrys contribution and he was a contributer who I always looked for and read any replies and comments that he made, to me he was that kind of person, the type that you can easily identify with and he always came across as a genuine and decent guy


As a measure of how much respect I had for him, as someone who never met him in person I think the next line sums up my thoughts quite well



It will be a poorer forum without him

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Gutted.....a very sad, sad day.


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I'd like to pay my respects to the man who revolutionised pike-fishing for me. I will use nothing but his double hook deadbait mounts and traces. Typical that he refused my offer to pay for those he sent me. I'm sorry to hear the news, very sorry...

You meet all kinds of animal on the riverbank.

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I never met gerry but would like to offer my condolences to his family and friends. This must be a very hard time for them especially so close to christmas - my thoughts are with the family

Sea angling around north wales and anglesey at www.fishing4u.co.uk

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