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Gerry Castles

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Fishing brings you into contact with many people ..... from the briefest of passing bys, to lifelong friends ........ for me Argyll was the briefest of passing bys but I always valued his posts.


My thoughts are with his friends and family.



Time spent fishing is not deducted from one's lifespan........

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My thoughts to his family. Please understand he will be happy where he is now. I know it is hard to think like that, but it is true.

Out of many things I enjoy in life, those that start with an F tend to feature the most.


Plea to save our fish. Please visit http://petitions.pm.gov.uk/Seafishstocks/ and sign it if you agree.


The one on the right is Trubshaw, the one on the left is Teal.

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I am also one of the many who never had the pleasure to meet this very well admired and respected blokes, I feel however through what posts and threads that I have read that i have known him forever :(


God Bless you Gery,,


God watch over your family through this very hard time,,


You will be in our Prayers

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Always sad when someone you know, even if it's just by the forum, passes away. My condolences to his family, there's tough times ahead. It's always a little harder when it happens near a festive occasion, my own father passed away on the 18th of this month, but please remember time really does heal.



The loose lines gone..STRIKE.

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Well I don’t mind admitting this came as a bit of a shock. I like many others foolishly "assumed" he was over the worst of it. I feel now that I can and should add my bit,


There have been a couple of regulars who have passed away since I’ve been looking in here. All I have "known" as well as you can through just reading someone’s thoughts and views. And they will always be missed and rather nicely in a way remembered,


The big difference With Gerry Castles is that I actually met him in person and fished with him several times. We often exchanged pieces of angling equipment as well as views! The thought of money exchanging hands never came into it. The mere fact that one had something the other would find useful was the only motive. I will always remember him when I clip on one of the "Giant" Mogambo Worms he had specially made and sent me a couple to try for Cats! I will never eat a sausage again without remembering the "specials" from his local butchers he used to insist on getting for mine and Andrews breakfasts! I will always remember him when I change a treble for a circle on a spoon. I will never be able to fish the "Method" again without remembering the day we fished at my brother’s water! I will always laugh when I eat black pudding remembering the way Gerry wound Andrew up (he was always teasing him!) because the breakfast we had at Lodge Pool didn’t have it!


I won’t mention that even during a rather personal private activity I will also remember him as I once used one of the fore mentioned Giant worms for a job they certainly weren’t intended for! not that the girl at the time complained! Never told Gerry about that wish I had as he would have laughed. Lots of things you wish you had said, lots of things I wish I had done like visiting him in hospital rather than just sending email.


I’ve no need to say what a great guy and angler he was, it’s been done by those far more eloquent than me. I will miss Gerry "Argyle" Castles but as I’ve said there are just too many things that will prevent me from forgetting him. And more importantly I will remember him with a smile.


There is nothing more I can or wish to say.


RIP mate.

And thats my "non indicative opinion"!

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its been a shock to hear of his passing as i've only ever conversed with him through this forum a couple others,and after reading and re-reading all the messages,its hard to find something that hasn't already been said that will do him justice,as through this online medium you come into contact with so many people most come and go without a second thought but "Argyle" was one of the good guys,one of the people you always looked forward to reading his posts and who was always conspicuous by his absence's and to say he will be missed is a understatement.


I try to be funny... but sometimes I merely look it! hello.gif Steve

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So sad. So clearly one of the good 'uns.


Saw Gerry at Princess Royal Hosp a couple of times back in the summer when I was up there visiting my dad, who was in the next ward. Gerry had such a good spirit going. Dad wandered round there more than a few times for a chat. Jeez, hard to believe he's gone.


r.i.p. mate

Bleeding heart liberal pinko, with bacon on top.



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