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Gerry Castles

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I never knew Argyll personally but I thought of him as a friend through Anglers' Net.


I would like to extend my heartfelt condolensces to his family.

Phil Davis

We don't own this world - we've only borrowed it from our children.

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Gerry was the first person to respond to my first post on here, and to welcome me to AN

Won't be the same now

Bye Gerry, and thanks

Let's agree to respect each others views, no matter how wrong yours may be.



Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity





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Like many here I didn't know Gerry personally but it's clear he was a true gent. Rest in peace old boy.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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Like many others I never met Gerry but enjoyed his informative posts. The posts from those who had met him are more than sufficient to tell me what a gent he was, a sad loss to his family and friends as well as the forum and angling.



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What terrible news!


I know Gerry was looking forward to coming to Wingham when he recovered. Now he never will. :(


Gerry will certainly be missed here on the Forum, where he has made many valuable contributions.


Please pass on condolences from both Peggy and me to his family.

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i haven't been on for some time due to one thing and another, got this email from Elton about Gerry.

you will always be remembered by those that had the pleasure of your kind words and company Gerry.

my self, I'll fondly remember him always.


a real gentleman.

my deepest sympathy goes out to his family and friends and all he touched.


Rest in peace Gerry

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