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What is the nicest sea food to eat?

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Quite simple ones for me

Herring in Oatmeal

Mackerel cooked just after they were caught

nice big prawns broken out their shells and dipped in Marie Rose sauce


Ref "Mackerel cooked just after they were caught".

I had a party of Americans out and they were quite happy catching mackerel. they had been puting them back when a women asked if the were any good to eat. I took one off her line, filleted it and went below and stuck it on the grill. It was a big mistake, I spent the rest of the day, and the following 5 weekends, grilling mackerel.

It was nice to see them being put to good use for a change.

Best shell fish oysters, spouts, and langoustenes.

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I read somewhere that doggies were really tasty, good on a Barbie, but tricky to prepare (Something about hanging them off a coat hook and stripping off the tough skin) Anybody have a definitive guide to what to do with them?

It might make a day when I caught nothing else, a bit more worthwhile.

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That sounds good, how do you do the Herring in oatmeal? coat the fish then bake it?

North of the border we pan fry them.

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