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Guess the pike weight

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Pike, but it's the first fish from this water in around 50 that hasn't been a jack, in fact the first fish that's bigger than 4lb or so. They're usually unhooked in the water/net (barbless single) and released straight away, so no need for a mat.


Hi Sipadan,

A little tip, saves you from flak. I don't carry an unhooking mat anymore, most fish are unhooked in the landing net, draped across my knees. But I do carry a few large, strong, bin liners, they take up very little room. Should the need arise, one of these, laid on the ground will protect a fish. They are also useful as, something to sit on, makeshift waterproofs, weigh sling, as well for putting any rubbish in, that you might find at the water side. :)



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Whats the bloody answer then dont keep us hanging on like your pike.



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Shame you couldnt measure the girth as well as this formula is quite good.


weight = length x girth x girth ÷ 800

(W = L x G2 ÷ 800)

But I would have thought at a guess 16/17lb wouldnt be far off.

Yes - that formula gives, for a 36" fish, at various girths


Girth 17" Weight 13 lb

Girth 18" Weight 14.58 lb

Girth 19" Weight 16.25 lb

Girth 20" Weight 18 lb


..and the old-fashioned Mona's Scale based on length only, give 14.58 lb



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After a long look .. . I put it at 15 to 17 then reading the rest of the posts I think this confirms a realistic weight. Nice fish.

Andrew Boyd

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Comparing the fish to the size of the Shimano reel and taking a good guesstimate at the length of the rod handle in relation to the reel my guess would be about 11 or 12lb


Difficult to tell for sure but on the information we have to go on I would'nt have thought I was far away

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i'd say shes a good double,call her a mid double and be done with it,good observation led to a good capture! :D

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