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Striking with a baitrunner reel ..ummmm

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Morning all


This is going to sound such a stupid question, how the heck do you strike when using a bait runner reel without ripping line off the spool?!?! :headhurt:


Let me explain, bite runner is engaged and spooling freely, rod is on the rest with a bite indicator to keep tension. A carp walks (!) off with your bait. If I strike firmly with the bait runner engaged, it spools line off the reel a fair deal as the bait runner clutch is light. Obviously winding will disengage the bait runner to normal clutch mode ... surely you don't do this before removing your rod from the rest and bite indicator?


Is there a sure fire method of using these things or am I just going loopy? :unsure:

lift and reel it in mate



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Aye, that makes perfect sense.


Oh, it is a Shimano Aero 6000 btw :thumbs:


Great reels, I'm using Aero 6010 GT's wouldn't change them for the world !!!!!!

One good reason to do something is better than a thousand bad excuses not to.

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