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Favourite method and fish?

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Whilst I really enjoy Piking and love the muscular battle my favourite fish has to be a decent Perch caught on light float fishing tackle, ideally on a Perch Bobber float and with either maggot or worm as bait. I'm always impressed how much of a fight a Perch will put up.


They are also the most beautifully coloured fish too. I love them.


Got to agree to this one i love fishing all round but i must admit if i had to specialise give me BIG perch.



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It depends on the time of year for me but I think the most enjoyable overall is stalking chub from small, clear, overgrown streams in summer. Bliss!

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Trotting a stick float off the rod top {with a pin of course}fishing broe magg and hemp for roach and what ever may come along, theres nothing quite like standing knee deep in a river if you ask me.

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What is your favouriet method of fishing and which of the many species is your favouriet to catch?


I tend to use the the cage feeder with pellet, caster, maggot or boilie on the hook. I do like taking them straight off the surface though, don't get much of a chnce to use this method though as quite a lot of fisheries have banned it, using just a bit of bread crust.


I've gotta say that most Carp are great fighters, even the smaller ones and my favourite would be the common Carp, it has beautiful scales and just looks great.


Any and all..! Fishing on the waggler for chub and the method for carp...or just light tackle on a river stretch suits nme fine on a balmy late summer afternoon. Would love to have a go at fly fishing at some point.

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