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hiyaz Phil,

welcome to A/N,


i started fishing (coarse), last season and am fishing every minute i can. I mainly fish lakes also, i have fairly decent gear, two rods and two reels, which i use for two different types of fishing. i use my float rod/reel for targeting small carp,tench and bream on a waggler. But i also have a carp rod/reel to use for fishing on top or legering for big carp!!!!!!!!! So if i was you i'll decide first want methods and want size/species you will be targeting before you rush out and bup say a light action float rod/reel when you find out you want to fish on the bottom on big gravel pits.


.....BUT DON'T BUY FROM ARGOS!!!!! :wallbash:



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Hi all seems a very friendly forum so I thought I would post.

I need to take up a hobby I used to fish many moons ago so i thought I would give it a go.

I have not got any of my old tackle so I will have to start again I will be starting of coarse fishing . I used to mainly fish lakes so that is where I will be starting. I would like to hear from anybody with any recommendatations for a starter set up kit preferably from an online source. Also is there anybody that lives in North Yorkshire that could give me some ideas of places to fish as I do not originally come from this neck of the woods.

Thanks in advance Phil.


Hi Phil,


I have been fishing for eight months and have found everyone on here really helpful. Best bit of advice I've had is, support your local tackle shop. Good local advice and a great source for bait and tackle. If they vanish off the high street it would be sad day. I can't say that I've always bought my tackle there but I do try.


good luck.



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Hi phil & welcome to the 2nd biggest angling forum in the u.k. my friend. I can only tell you i have a small budget so most of my stuff comes from dragon carp & used tackle ( it's not used it's new ) a lot of people will say dont bother but like me if it's a hobby & your looking for cheep reasonable gear you must google this company, if your going to be a match-man or a specialist DONT BOTHER but i think you will be plesantly suprised cost nothing to look.


http://www.dragoncarpdirect.com/.............good luck BILL.


HERE LOOK AT THESE, http://www.dragoncarpdirect.com/acatalog/super_savers.html



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Thanks everybody for your responses and a warm welcome.

I live in Northallerton North Yorkshire not far from yourself Brian.

I have had a look around on the net and there seems so much to tackle to choose from. I will be doing float fishing mainly as I enjoy this. Could somebody tell me what a waggler is. I am probaly looking around the £60- £80 range for my first rod and reel then I wil visit my local shop for tackle. Any reccomendations at to what rod and reel would be in this price brackett or should I go for a beginners kit?. Also is there a rod just for float fishing i have seen a few for carp fishing.

Cheers Phil.

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Just like to say welcome phil to AN, I found out a lot of stuff from the folks in here and I'm glad that i joined :thumbs:

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Heyup Phil,


A good place to look and participate in all things from gods own county (and I don't even originate from here) :lol: .......is here


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Hello Phil and welcome to AnglersNet :)


Go buy a copy of this weeks' Angling Times, they have an offer of a waggler rod, reel (with three spare spools) and padded holdall from Used Tackle for a tadge under £30 (plus £5 p&p). They have these sort of offers pretty regularly (sometimes going as low as £10 plus £5 p&p), and don't be put off by the name 'Used Tackle', the stuff you buy through AT is brand new. I've bought a few rods from them via AT, and whilst they may not be the best rods/reels on the market, they are still very good indeed :thumbs:

John S

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Argos, Lidl and and Aldi are fine, if you know what you are looking for, not very helpful if you don't!


I think that it might be best to restart where you left off, and a visit to e-bay or a car-boot sale might, as has been suggested, be the answer.


Personally I am growing increasingly wary of local tackle shops, they tend to want to sell what they have in stock rather than what I want. But with the advent of the web that is no longer a problem, provided that you know what you are after. So, nip down to your local lake and see what other folk are catching, and what they are using. Then tap the product name into Google!

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[Personally I am growing increasingly wary of local tackle shops, they tend to want to sell what they have in stock rather than what I want./quote]


I couldn't agree with you more on that one Peter.


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Welcome to an phil hope every ones been of help, but i have to disagree with the last 2 posts just depends what your local tackle shop is like, dont get me wrong i occasionally buy major items online but try my hardest to support my local tackle shop ill have a look around at prices and go to him last and 9 times out of 10 he can compete with the prices or there or there abouts tenner more at the most {thats about postage isn't it} what happens when your wanting a pint of maggots or caster? I've never seen those mail order and i doubt you'll be able to check the freshness.

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