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Cheese, lobs, bread and luncheon meat, depending on how you want to fish, roving or static.


But as Brian says, you have one of the best chub baits swimming about in front of you. I don't use dead minnows, just lip hook one or two (depending on size) on to a size 10 or 8, sometimes a 12.

One of the best ways, is to fix a small piece of crust on your hook, then the minnow(s). This will attract other minnows and they will swarm round the crust. This in turn attracts the chub. The rest of the minnows flee, your hooked minnows can't, and get taken by the chub. I have also had perch, barbel and the odd jack fishing like this.

I don't know the water you mention but if it's like the Yorkshire Nidd, fairly narrow and 2-6ft deep, then when all else fails, especially when the chub are slow to feed. I always take some floating casters with me. If you can find a long straight, (about 50yds) leading to a bend. Then sit and throw a few floating casters into the swim. You will be surprised how the swim comes alive. By steady feeding, you will bring the fish upstream. When they are feeding confidently, about 15-20 yds below you, put out a small float, with a couple of casters on a 14-12 hook, set at 6ins deep. Throw a few casters round it and let it run down to the fish, you will have them queueing up for the bait.

It's also worth trying a small leger under the feeding fish, because I often find barbel are attracted by the feeding frenzy, and come looking for any fed that gets through the chub.


Hope this helps




P.S. Don't try this if there are any anglers fishing on the straight, they will not be best pleased to see you take the fish upstream away from them.

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Posted on behalf of Laurence. Please add all replies to this thread:


If you bag up on Chub let me know exactly how you did it....! Bread flake is an all round favourite and keep moving very quietly...!

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Forgetting big black slugs for summer chub fishing, but cheese paste also rules for me had some made up from last season and its all lovely and wiffy now roll on winter :)

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if i was feeder fishing for chub,like on the trent or someware like that .Then my first choice in summer would be maggots or caster&hemp and maybe mince meat with meat on the hook.in winter my first choice would be liquidised bread or mashed bread in the feeder and bread flake or crust on the hook possibly topped with cheese paste.


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