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2015 Rutland zander fish-in

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I thought I suffered this particular fool long enough. Firstly I said I did not wish to discuss anything and "please leave". That didn't work, so I suggested he was in need of psychiatric help, and

What annoyed me most was that I was being preached at whilst still groggy from an operative procedure (they inject a lot of radio-opaque dye which causes visual migraine, mild hallucinations, and obvi

Norma and I are up for another go at the zander................. and at the curry !

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Just had a call from Steve (JV) who firmly believes that he, Rusty and Steve W have some sort of winning strategy that they are to finalise this evening.


This should be seen as a total wind up.


Other zander anglers should take no heed to this predictable and rather unsubtle gamesmanship, as I suspect the plan involves drinking industrial quantities of Rusty's Scotch like they did last year, and we know what the outcome of that strategy was :-)

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I haven't unwrapped them, but I think the stingers are doubles with spikes on the back rather than trebles.



I've just put mine on wire traces, they're just trebles with one smaller hook for inserting into the lure.

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What wire is everyone using for stingers? I not sure if there is enough benefit tousing 10lb wire and having to put up with the additional kinking causing me to have to change the stinger lots.



I'm using 24lb wire and since I already had them (and rather than rush out for smaller ones) i'm using partridge trebles in 4's and 6's. I know Andrew uses 10's but I can't see the size difference making any/much difference....I hope not anyhow lol.

The hooks that come in the savage set are size 6's. I've noticed the anglers on the continent seem to use 6's and 4's so i'm gonn'a see how I go on with 'em. In theory you should get more hook ups really....shouldn't you ! lol.

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Thank's Dave, shame you and Norna won't be able to come bud I was looking forward to seeing you both.

Hope your angiography gives good results and that your able to attend te next one.

Thanks, Ian, and Steve.


Back home now - all went well (except it revealed the need for yet another test). and the injected dye produces mild hallucinations.


Back on the recovery ward, a "chaplain" deemed my groggy state a good opportunity to preach at me. After warning him twice (which he was too thick-skinned to heed) I let him have an earful which brought the ward sister scurrying to the bedside, "get this deluded nincompoop over to your psychiatric ward " I said, "he is jeopardizing my recovery. If that fails, get a couple of gardeners to hang him from the nearest tree".


I think it despicable that someone at a low ebb should be subjected to such deluded nonsense. Anyway, far from jeopardizing my recovery , the exchange invigorated me, and a couple of cups of coffee later I was homeward bound.


I'm not allowed to drive until Sunday, else I would be on my way to Rutland.


Repeat, good fishing to y'all - see you next year.

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Vagabond, we were discussing your sad absence from the fish-in earlier this evening, and I remarked "Dave is a nice chap, but I don't think he suffers fools gladly, I pity anybody who annoys him after depriving him of his fishing" - oh dear, I may have been prescient!

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