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Hi everyone, just like to share this beauty with you. I was fishing my local river last week and managed to hook up with this lovely nine, plus pound fresh run Atlantic Salmon. This was the third one I hooked this year but the first to kill. It fell to a Purple Flash Shrimp Fly. And took me about 15 minutes to subdue to the shallows. I was using a Diawa Whisker Eleven Foot Seatrout rod, with weight forward 7 floating line, and was a gr8 scrap. The fly I got the fish on, has a tendancy to be very bright in the dark brackish waters of the Owenmore River Bangor Erris County Mayo. If you would like to see the fish and the fly go to; photobucket.com and look for silverdreamdaves photos.

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Nice fish, Dave. I've heard a couple of reports of good fish from other western rivers in recent days - I'm sure that the nets have been sieving out these better fish, which has led to the preponderance of small grilse. Of the last 10 or so grilse I've had from little rivers in Mayo over the last few years, I doubt if one has been more than 3lbs, so it'd be nice to see some better quality fish.


Can you give the dressing for your fly? It looks quite similar to a Silk Cut shrimp.

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