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Mitchell Match reel Maintenance

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I am giving my Match a bit of an overhaul and am not sure what type of grease is suitable for the gears etc, will any any easily obtainable grease be suitable or must it be a specialist product ? I assume it needs to be fairly light and good for a widish range of temperatures

any suggestions?






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I just use decent spray grease ,to much grease acts like glue and oil disappears quickly.

Remember its only the grease actually touching the moving parts thats actually doing anything the old fashioned act of packing a reel with grease just added weight

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A good light oil as used to be sold for Singer Sewing Machines, or "Three in One" oil kept my various Mitchells going for over fifty years.


Penn lube is also good.


The secret is to use any oil or grease sparingly and wipe off any excess- as chesters says, oil or grease is useful for bearing surfaces only - anywhere else it is extra weight and grit will stick to it. Grit plus grease = grinding paste = bad news



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