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electronic hook tyers and a hello

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first off i should say hello and thank you for having a great site that i am getting loads of info from.


i haven't fished for about 12 years are really want to get back into it. i am slowly getting bits of kit together again after discovering that various animals and insects have either eaten or made homes in my old tackle.


when i did fish the one thing i always struggled with was tying knots. i just couldn't get the hang of it. i found this and wondered if anyone has had any experience with one of these: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/In-see-video-test-el...1QQcmdZViewItem


also i saw a matchmen hook tyer on there too, is it for spade hooks only or can it be used for eyed too?


thanks in advance and thanks for a really helpful site too.



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Hello dougmonkey, welcome to the forums :)


Never seen an electric hook-tyer before, but the manual versions are easy to use once you get used to them. I use the Drennan version (similar but different to the Matchman), and they can be used with eyed hooks too. In fact I use mine for all my hooks except the ones I use for sea-fishing, they're a bit too big to use easily....

John S

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I would!! I bought one of the "ELECTRONIC" ones to enable me to tie hooks on a commercial basis. Just happy it didn't cost me a lot!! They are REAL tatt!!! Is that ok for you?


Oh yes and welcome to the forums!! Sometimes you actually get people with GOOD news you know :P :P :P

Chris Goddard

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Just asked a e bay seller of the manual one how to use it,his reply was............Dont Know <_<

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