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a great 2nd session for tack4

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arranged a short 4 hr session with a mate who due to work had been yet to wet aline this season


weather had been overcast but warm all day fingers were crossed for a good evening rise at a wee fishery 30 mins from my doorstep in sw scotland


as we arrived the heavens opend (thankfully it only lsated fro 15 -20 mins before becoming the odd drop now and again)


as we tackled up in the shelter we were both using 7wt lines on 7-8wt outfits


drys were both our choices and we set about our task.......


jack the fishery owner had said for us to strat fishing and he would meet up with us (after phone call en route)


he came over and offered me advice and had a quick rummage throgh my fly box and advised buzzers for this time of the evening which i dully follwed his advice and was rewarded with my first scottish water rainbow




follwed shortly after by a RUDD!!!!!



my third fish soon appeared and i was really enjoying myself


gordon then called on jack for his devine wisdom




guess what ?.......


4th fish to me another rainbow all had been in the 1 1/2 - 2lb range so far and good fun on 5lb leader


i took a wee break and gordon sneaked round to my spot


alas to no avail this wasnt goig to be his night


after a breif lull during which jack had wished us tightlines and farewell


the action kicked off again for me with more fish all rainbows for 5th 6 th 7 th and 8th fish


so tally was 8 fish 7 rainbow 1 RUDD!!


checked my watch and had 15 mins till i had to depart for home


recast in my we spot and the take this time was much stronger and line had to be given and quickly,

the fight ensude gain a bit, give it back, this went on fro 5 mins or more till eventually i satrted to gain more than i gave back a big leap annouced it was a rainbow butmuch bigger than anything landed so far


the eventual result was



my new pb fly caught fish of 4lb 1 oz



9 fish in the session and best till last :D


delighted don't cover it


member of Save our Sharks


SACN member

it's the taking part that counts!

@==---¬--¬--¬------<(')))>< angling classics

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