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Who or where can I go to complain about BT?


Its official my street can now get broadband, except me!!! due to an administration error, I am unable to order or get broadband activated.


All the line tests results come back ok. All the technical Guys say I am ok


But according to customer services who agree that broadband will work, states that due to an error on their computer system, which apparently is called SMART, cannot activate or let me order the equipment. Cannot even go to another ISP supplier.

Nobody it seems knows how to get rid of this error


I have sent numerous complaints to BT, no response. All i get is a reference number :wallbash:


Have been promised that the "Offline Team" will contact me, but they never call.


After 2months I am getting a bit fed up, it takes an hour every day on the phone to actually talk to someone, and nobody can sort it. :wallbash:

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i'v had few problems with the actual dudes on the phone and in many cases they have phoned me back for an hour or so trying to sort my problems out ,most were hardware related and bt hardware at that !faulty line joints were found exactly where i said they would be in the last case and with an engineer that actually cared and had pride he found them there!.(hopefully i scared the crap out of him but rewarded him with coffee when he came down)

keep annoying them both online, phone and letter its the only way tilford got broadband :D

not good broadband but certainly faster than dial up

ps it took 5 years so your expecting too much at the moment :D but keep badgering being misleading works playing one person off another etc ,i.e your still waiting for your router after joining up will result in a harder look and perhaps mentioning you are fed up waiting for it and go to another supplier may prompt further action ,hopefully you have a little acting within yourself for occasional bursts of anger or incredulity etc ,you paid for broadband where is it ? ,suing for breach of promise or trades description acts etc. dont mention you know you cant get it for some "error" etc.

in the end i marched the chap to the pole and watched him climb it ,others came up with seudo techi reasons they couldnt


the sites darned slow tonight waited a minute to read the googlesindication doofer

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