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three tack4's go a fishin'

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mistack4 (Caitlin 13), littletack4 (Kyle 11) and tack4 (myself) all went to jack's fishery 25 miles away sat pm from 3-7pm


fish rising every where but not one of the 8 or so anglers could get them to take anything off the top...


they were on the curse the canis



jim an angler who has a caravan near the fishery was the first to land a decent fish on a green n yellow lure and had plenty follows and further success so the inevitable happend


a time for tactic changes but thought i had nothing similar in my boxes tried a dog knobbler with no joy and found littletack4 getting in a fankle with his casting .



so plan b get the grub on we had brought a gas burner for steak burggers that misstack4 (whilst supervised) cooked for us


a cup of tea for her and me and a cupasoup for littletack 4 replenished our energy and we set off again.


now which box did i put chub1's swapped flies in ...................................


ahh got em an nice wee yelow n white casts whisker cast and swiflty stripped resulted in my first rainbow a tiddler but a fish returned


re cast and handed rod to misstack4...........


misstack4 had success soon after with her first ever fly caught fish an nice pan sized 1 3/4 lb rainbow


a dispondant littletack4 who'd missed a few takes turned his luck around with a nice rainbow of 1 lb 6 oz and at last a smile returned to his face and even better when he revived the fish and let it swim for another day


then i took over from misstack4 again and had two for the pan in quick succession heaviest being 2 lb 3 0z


no more takes for misstack4 and we were given a shout again from her for round two of grub hmmmmmmmmm


one more fish fell to littletack4 christening his new landing net good n proper , again expertly released and he helped land my last rainbow too final one for the pan


it was now 7pm and pack up time gear all to the car fish cleaned and filleted at a near by burn (stream) and off for home for a dvd and pick n mix treat


so a first fish on the fly for caitlin a christend net for kyle and a happy dad with fish for the fridge and a new method of lure fishing tried, tested and accomplished


cheers chub1 m8


member of Save our Sharks


SACN member

it's the taking part that counts!

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Well done mate,dead chuffed for you all :thumbs: Back over to the Mull 19 Oct for a weekend.Hugs and kisses all around. Hopefully get a proper hug off the kids next time as ribs should be 100%.


Coughing/sneezing/belly laugh still a no no :(



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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