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A Short But Fun Session

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Today, I had around 5 hours free time - so what better to do than go fishing!? I arrived at Passies Ponds and was set up on the main lake by 10am. With my limited time, I wasted no time in quickly casting out a couple of legers towards the island. Each rod was fished with a running rig coupled with a size 12 or 14 barbless hook and on the hair I used either single or double Carp Vader Jelly Pellets in either Polar Ice, Halibut Crab or Schnitzel Wurst flavours and they was fished with a small PVA bag of Carp Vader feed pellets in a variety of sizes and flavours.


While the rods were still laying on the floor, as I was setting my bite alarms up, the left hand rod tore off. On picking the rod up I was expected strong resistance, but to my surprise the fish just swam straight towards me and into the net.

It turned out to be this lovely little carp:



As I returned it, I noticed the tip of my other rod nodding up and down, I quickly bent into the fish and I was soon returning a nice 2lb+ bream. The action continued fast and furious for the next couple of hours and I landed another 4 bream and 5 carp, unfortunately nothing large came along - the biggest being a 7lb common.

Here’s me about to return a bream:



I was just about to recast when I received a twitchy take on the right hand rod cast tight to the island. It fought different to the carp and bream I had landed so far - I was hoping it was going to be a good roach, but was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty little chub pop up.

Here it is:



Ten minutes later I hooked into a good carp, but unfortunately after a couple of minutes it came adrift. My disappointment was quickly forgotten about as shortly after I landed another two carp to 6lb and a another couple of 1lb 8oz bream. As the day progressed I noticed an interesting pattern, approximately two out of every three fish fell to the rod with the Halibut Crab pellet(s) - it was the first time I have given this flavour a proper go and I was certainly impressed.


It was nearing the end of my session and I still hadn’t landed a decent carp (10lb+), when I received a slow and steady take again to the Halibut Crab pellet. Straight after I hooked it, it started ploughing up and down the island margin and I was pleased to eventually turn it away from the snaggy sanctuary of the sunken tree roots/branches. It was several minutes before it surfaced in front of me and I just hoped my little barbless hook was going to hold firm. I needn’t to have worried as a few seconds later it was safely enclosed in the folds of the landing net. It looked like a decent carp on the mat and I was delighted to see the scales read out 15lb 13oz.

Here it is:



During the last hour an hour of the session I landed another 2 bream and a 5lb 8oz mirror. Overall, even though I had limited time I still enjoyed a great session and ended up with a total of 9 carp, 10 bream and the chub.

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Nice one, natty. Looks like an enjoyable venue.

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