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Picture Of The Month .. Nov 07.

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Hi Folks …


What a great start to our first "Picture Of The Month" competition !! Excellent !! :clap2:


56 entries !! And the variety and quality of the pictures !! Everything from landscapes to macro, and a nice bit of humour on display as well.


Nice to see some Black & White pictures in there, and also great to see some "new faces" taking part. The more the merrier !!


Going on the number of "views" into the Comp (Nearly 2,000 !!), it shows that there are still lots of people that could be entering …. So how about getting some shots into the next Comp folks ?



One or two "teething troubles" have been experienced during the month, mostly to do with entrants not reading the rules !! But a few PMs have helped the ship keep afloat … :bangin:


It will not be an easy task to judge on this one .. I know that I would certainly have a struggle. That is why I have introduced the 1 week "breathing time" for judges.



A brilliant start … lets hope that the future sees the Competition becoming bigger and better !! :D



Well done everyone … and thanks for your entries !! :thumbs:



Wiggly. :rolleyes:




This competition is now closed for entries …


This topic will now be locked for one week whilst the judge reaches a decision on the final six.


A poll vote will then be started for members to vote on, and this topic will be opened for discussion, comments and other photographs that you were thinking of entering.
















Picture Of The Month .. Nov-07.



Hi All …


Welcome to Picture Of The Month for November 2007. :camera::camera:



This is the first in a series of a new competition that is open to all members of AnglersNet.


Please familiarise yourself with the format and rules before entering pictures.


These can be found in pinned topics at the top of the Photo Forum.




The completion is entirely "FreeStyle" so anything goes in reguard to subject matter.


The presentation of your pictures (Landscape/Macro etc.) is also entirely your choice.




Your judge for this competition will be .. Nurse Judy. :notworthy::notworthy:


The judges will be looking for what they consider to be the best 6 pictures. As well as subject matter, presentation, composition and sharpness will all be taken into account.


So get out there .. take lots of pictures of anything you like, and pick your best four to put on here !!.




Your posts must include the following information:



Date Taken:

Camera Used:


Camera Settings


Shutter Speed



or the Camera shooting mode used (Auto, Landscape, Macro etc etc)


Plus any other voluntary information regarding the taking of the picture.



Open Period.



From 00.00.01 GMT Thursday 1st November 2007.


Deadline .. 23.59.59 GMT Friday 30th November 2007.




Happy Snapping everyone !!


Wiggly. :rolleyes:

Edited by MrWiggly

The Older I get .. The better I was.

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Entry No: 1



Hope I'm the first....



Dendrobium Densiflorum





Panasonic DMC-FZ7

1.11.07....11.56 AM




Large Pic Display.

Wiggly. :rolleyes:



Edited by MrWiggly




Cheers, Bobj.

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Entry #1.










Canon EOS 40D



ISO .. 200

AV .. 5.0

SS .. 1/60

WB .. Shadow

Circ Pol.

Edited by MrWiggly

The Older I get .. The better I was.

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Entry No: 1



Dont Play With Matches




Model = DYNAX 5D

Exposure Time = 1/40"

F Number = F2.8

Exposure Program = Aperture priority

ISO Speed Ratings = 400

Flash = Flash did not fire, compulsory flash mode

Focal Length = 90mm

Date = 3.11.07

Edited by J.K


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Entry No: 1







File size: 406791 bytes

File date: 2007:11:04 02:04:57


Camera model: NIKON D200

Date/Time: 2007:11:04 09:42:59

Resolution: 800 x 533

Flash used: No

Focal length: 105.0mm (35mm equivalent: 157mm)

Exposure time: 0.125 s (1/8)

Aperture: f/18.0

ISO equiv.: 100

Whitebalance: Auto

Metering Mode: matrix

Exposure: Manual

Exposure Mode: Auto bracketing

Edited by MrWiggly



If you're being chased by a police dog, try not to go through a tunnel, then on to a little seesaw, then jump through a hoop of fire. They're trained for that.


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Entry No: 1




I'll only chew it a BIT!!!! Just a TEENY bit honest!






Fuji Finepix 5500




Edited by MrWiggly

Chris Goddard

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Entry no.1



A Bit Hot Up Here





exif details

canon 300d

date 3/11/07

taken by tack4

[Camera]Exposure Time = 2"

F Number = F8

Exposure Program = Manual

ISO Speed Ratings = 100

Date Time Original = 2007-11-03 20:46:34

Edited by MrWiggly


member of Save our Sharks


SACN member

it's the taking part that counts!

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Entry No: 1



Canon PowerShot A700 F3.2 ISO800 1/6 04Nov2007.




Ring Of Fire.



Edited by MrWiggly



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



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Guest franticfisherman2

Entry No: 1



Camera; Minolta E323

Taken; 6.11.07

SS: 1/94 Ap: F4.9 ISO: 100




Autumn Birch



Edited by MrWiggly
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