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It really was a weekend of mixed emotions for me. I was closing down our caravan on the Clash site for the winter and fishing with the Tacks for the last time this year.


I drove over on the Friday night with my good lady and once we had unpacked the car went into Drummore for a bit craic with my bass sensai Freddie. He said there were still bass about but they seemed preoccupied with gulping down small herring. In fact he said they were chasing fry nearly onto the beach and ignoring spinners and poppers!!


Andrew had arranged to pick me up at the van at 09.30 on the Sat morning. I had brought over rag from Whitley Bay for us but got up a bit earlier and collected a few limpets off the foreshore as wrasse were our targets and I know they love limpets!!


Andrew arrived just 10 mins late which is really good for him. Gave Caitlin and Kyle the customery hug (cos I am Uncle Snatcher to them)

and we set off for the end of the Mull.


We were the only car in the lighthouse car park so it just showed how dire the weather was but not to be discouraged we knew we would have some shelter down below.


We "skidded" our way down the pasture and as it was so slippy decided on safety grounds not to fish the wall mark so instead walked to "Guys tope mark"


It was decided to fish a pairs match and Kyle foolishly picked me as a partner.Andrew kindly tackled up Kyles rod so we were both fishing before Caitlin and Andrew had tackled up.


Well the wrasse were feeding and we managed 4 wrasse for team Snatcher before the Tacks cast out. The wrasse were not big but the craic was mint. Here is Kyle with his first fish



And me with my first



Caitlin was using for the first time the rod that "Peter the Fisherman" had kindly given to her and she duly christened it




Not to outdone Andrew got in on the act



It was all wrasse apart from one coaley and a pollack. All of the fish went back apart from one "slow" fish which finished up as dinner for a seagull.


After about 3 hours fishing and with the score at 12s each we decided to call it a day and set off back to the car park. That climb back up IS getting steeper I am sure. Well it was my last Mull fishing for 2007 and had a really great time in great company.


Andrew had a few messages to do in town but we reconvened back at the Clash for a nosebag at 17.30 and as usual Sammys meals were spot on.


We then chucked a few arrus


And headed back to our van for a game of Trivial Pursuit. Not sure who won as I was on the ale!!!! After that is was hugs and kisses all around again and we waved by to Andrew and the kids for the last time this year.



This afternoon we "winterised" the van. Very sad really as it is going the journey



We have had some really happy times in it over the years. Every cloud has a silver lining though and we have ordered a brand new van to go onto one of the front pitches for March 2008.


As we were leaving had a last parting look at Luce Bay and noticed that the "Lake District" was visible so took this shot



To those of you not too famliar with the topography of the area look at the two rocks(the Scares) in the middle of the bay. If you look at the horizon between them you can see some of the peaks in the lakes 70+ miles away. It is only the third time I have seen them this year due to varying clarity/weather.


Roll on 2008 and more adventures on the MOG!!!



Fishing digs on the Mull of Galloway - recommend





Me when I had hair



Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy

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Nice one snatcher :)

Keep practicing them arras lad :P:D

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When your wasted all the time


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Hey Snatcher one can rely on you for a good read and pics, could almost smell the salt water from here.


Have a good winter mate and I will look forward to your reports next year. :clap::clap:


And with a little luck I will be posting some as well.

I fish, I catches a few, I lose a few, BUT I enjoys. Anglers Trust PM






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was a crackin session snatcher and a fitting result


bring on next year m8


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it's the taking part that counts!

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