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Windows 10 and Sony Camcorder

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I have been baffled for weeks by the inability of my recently installed Windows 10 to "see" the Sony Camcorder (DCR-SR58) that is connected to my PC. This wasn't a problem with Windows XP. The Camcorder was one of the Devices listed when I wanted to Import files to my PC.


My husband, Vagabond, suggested that there would be technical expertise on Anglers net that would tell me what I need to do to put this right.


I would be really grateful for some direction! Thanks

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Have you tried the sony site to look for Win 10 drivers

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The Sony site gives a long list of Camcorders that are compatible with Windows 10. All defined by their model code number. The only similar code to mine has an extra E ie DCR-SR58E. Is this telling me that DC-SR58 is not compatible?


I am using the latest version of Sony software which just keeps telling me to "connect a camera". I have tried the FAQs on the Sony site which suggests using a different USB port and connecting the camera before and after switching on both the pc and the camera. My pc knows that a camera has been attached because my security software asks if I want to Scan it.


I tried Sony's technical helpline some weeks ago and was told that Sony were still working on Windows 10 compatability so I should ensure that I download each latest version which I have done.

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There might be a "fix" for your issue but it is pretty geeky (someone would have to set it up for you), might be more than your PC could handle, and might not work but here goes. One caveat - I've been out of mainstream geek stuff for a while so you will want to get advice from someone who is more current.


1st option: I imagine your camcorder would work fine on a PC running Windows 8 or 8.1 since that operating system has been around for a while and Sony would probably have working drivers for Win8. Its usually possible to run an older operating system as a program on your PC. It should then be possible to load the camcorder program within the Win8 program. Note my free use of "should", "probably", and other quibbles.


2nd option (not so geeky): Buy a cheap used Win8 machine to use for the camcorder.


That said, unless the need is urgent, you'll be better off waiting for Sony to build reliable Win10 drivers for the device unless its old enough that they won't bother.

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Thanks Newt,


Option 2 is possible as I do have my old pc with Windows XP languishing under the desk. Would just need to connect everything to it again. I do want to edit the video on my new pc, though, as it is much faster and has plenty capacity, so will wait for Option 3 which is a phone call this afternoon from a very technical grandson who assures me he will talk me through the issue. :nerd:

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I had the same problem with a fuji camera ,they grudgingly issued an upgrade to the camera onboard soft ware that cured it ,fingers crossed if enough users of your camcorder does the same sony will as well.

Can you just remove the memory card and plug it in the pc and direct the sony software to it?

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Usb card reader. Doesnt need to be a fancy one just one that looks like a usb memory stick where you insert the card in the top.


Or a multi card reader. They aint exactly expensive now days. Got one cheap when i would have needed to buy a £70 power adapter for my cam before plugging in a usb cable........

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Do you have the Sony Play memories software installed? If not free download should work.



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Thanks chaps for all your suggestions. In spite of Sony claiming that my particular camcorder is compatible with Windows 10, and me having Sony's latest software, there is no recognition via the USB cable.


Number 1 grandson has now visited and agrees my diagnosis, but he did point out a provision under the camcorder to insert a memory card, which I hadn't seen. This facility has resolved the problem. The files have been dubbed onto the card from the cameras hard drive and then the card slotted into my pc for transfer.


Seems a very clumsy fix, but it works!!

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