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The Fen's last eel fisherman

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April the first joke or spin at it's worst, or some org very close has used smoke and mirror previously to gain it's objectives.


Five years ago TAT and the aquilla club where using claims that the stock had depleted by 98% in their efforts to get anglers banned from taking them, advocating cutting the line close and sending them back dead or dying with a hook down it's guts.


Also the claim at the time was using the famous words..... 'every one counts'


Now this guy claims the stock has crashed yet again, but worse than 98% is this the joke?


It took more than ten years for all to come up with a management plan, that according to this errrrrrm news report clearly hasn't worked.


So what next? Every one counts, so TAT should be advocating a total ban on the angling for eels.

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Free to choose apart from the ones where the trust poked their nose in. Common eel. tope. Bass and sea bream. All restricted.

New for 2016 TAT are the main instigators for the demise of the u k bass charter boat industry, where they went screaming off to parliament and for the first time assisting so called angling gurus set up bass take bans with the e u using rubbish exaggerated info collected by ices from anglers, they must be very proud.

Upgrade, the door has been closed with regards to anglers being linked to the e u superstate and the failed c f p. So TAT will no longer need to pay monies to the EAA anymore as that org is no longer relevant to the u k . Goodbye to the europeon anglers alliance and pathetic restrictions from the e u.

Angling is better than politics, ban politics from angling.

Consumer of bass. where is the evidence that the u k bass stock need angling trust protection. Why won't you work with your peers instead of castigating them. They have the answer.

Recipie's for mullet stew more than welcomed.

Angling sanitation trust and kent and sussex sea anglers org delete's and blocks rsa's alternative opinion on their face book site. Although they claim to rep all.

new for 2014. where is the evidence that the south coast bream stock need the angling trust? Your campaign has no evidence. Why won't you work with your peers, the inshore under tens? As opposed to alienating them? Angling trust failed big time re bait digging, even fish legal attempted to intervene and failed, all for what, nothing.

Looks like the sea angling reps have been coerced by the ifca's to compose sea angling strategy's that the ifca's at some stage will look at drafting into legislation to manage the rsa, because they like wasting tax payers money. That's without asking the rsa btw. You know who you are..

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:hammer: I never understood why if the eels were so in danger of becoming extinct why commercial eel fishermen were allowed to carry on catching but anglers were banned from keeping "one for the pot" even if it was dead. But now looking at anglers being banned from keeping a single bass while netters can carry on catching them seems it's just an anti-angler rule, nothing to do with conservation at all, that's just a smoke screen. :hammer:

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