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I think there are 2 categories of information when it comes to big bream, and that mixing these up (very easy to do) is the cause of most mis-information and confusion, especially when it comes to recieved wisdom.


1. Generic - including hookbaits, baiting (type and content), rigs

2. Specific - including location, behaviour


It seems to me that the generic stuff you can take from water to water and it will always be reasonably applicable. It's the specific stuff you have to work out on your water, and it may not be any use anywhere else. This is where the recieved wisdom can really take you in the wrong direction.


By the way, I was talking to Alex the other evening, and I think it's worth repeating that of the 13 bream he has caught, half of them have come in daylight. When he had his catch of 3, all 3 were caught in daylight. And when he realised he had a load of fish in front of him, he spent all day putting bait out.

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music

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Welcome to AN John, best of luck with the bream fishing and I look forward to your reports :)


What type of waters will you be fishing, out of interest?



Suffolk water park, Traditional Lake and Big Lake and some other disabled friendly lakes in Suffolk: Woody's Lake, Barking Tye and Kirton Hall Lake.


If anyone knows of any other disabled / wheelchair friendly lakes in Suffolk I would be grateful for the info.



Big John

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