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garden worms

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I have just started sea angling but have always coarse fished. When I was a kid (1970s) I used to catch lots of small flounder and a few plaice up to 8ins on earthworm in the tidal parts of the River Ribble in Preston (ie. upstream from the estuary). Once caught 30 in 2 hours!


The best method was to float fish earthworm on the bottom so that the float was at an angle.


PS : Used to get pestered by eels in them days! Maybe wouldn't happen now!


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In the past have fished the bristol channel quite a lot used to fish Severn Beach quite a lot as a quick trip, a few of the locals that used to fish every night used to use garden worms and did ok.That was when there were plenty of cod about though.

I'm sure if there are plenty of fish competing for food then a bunch of anything is ok, they're not relying on scent to draw them in.

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i got one little bass , the man next to me got a pair of dabs both worth eating and i think he did keep them i got there at half one and left at five, so at least i caught one i suppose but i think in thamesmeade you get a few more bites, i suppose i will have to live and learn the best spots.

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