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A few hours out yesterday.....

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9 hours ago, chesters1 said:

Sheep suicide! The thought of not being sent alive because of brexit to foreign climes to be butchered inhumanly sent it over the edge! Strange its in there sheep are very good jumpers (see what i did there) i recon someones trying to pull the wool over your eyes (again!) and chucked a dead one in ! Lol

I spotted one in a well once ,luckily the adjoining house was empty and derelict ! No amount of filters remove sheep soup!


It was right next to the farm chesters, out in the middle of nowhere, no public access.  Sheep can jump a little but once in water they can't as they become waterlogged and weigh a ton.

I told the farmer about it but he knew already, infact it was still there the other day ūüė¨.

Sheep always seem to find a way to committe suicide, even in a wide open field.

We used to live slap bang in the middle of fields and during the winter months the fields were full of sheep.  Manys the time I would look out the window to see a sheep layed on it's back with it's legs stuck straight up in the air and unable to right itself.  

If no one sees them in this state and rolls them to their feet they will die.  

First thing they always did when I righted them wasn't to run away, it was to have a huge pi$$. They mustn't be able to do it when on their backs.

I've even pulled sheep out of brambles after they have become entangled in them and again, unless someone frees them they will die as they just get more and more entangled as they struggle.

I have actually found them dead in brambles and hanging off the top of the river bank.

I've even released them from fencing when they've stuck their heads through but are unable to pull them back out due to their horns.

I reckon on half of my trips to the river I see a drowned sheep either quite rotton or fresh.  Often I see bullocks or calves which have drowned also!


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