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Autumn is here

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Great picture Rich, really shouts autumn. I was on the K&A Canal this afternoon with a float rod, lobs and absolutely perfect conditions but even fishing into dark produced just two small perch. On the Thames tomorrow after chub with bread.

It's never a 'six', let's put it back

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Some more from today:







The third fish has those sores that near all bigger Thames perch have. I just don't know what hey are but after 20 years of Thames perching I've learnt not to worry.



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Was out again today for a hour or so. I hit the jackpot and got a really decent perch amongst a load of ~1lbers:




Problem is I forgot my scales!!!


Anyone want to guess the weight? The fish further up was 2ln 2oz and ~38cm long. This fish was ~45cm long and much much deeper, and as you can see really thick across the back:





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Wow mate 45 cm - almost 18 inches must surely put it easily into the 3 to 3 1/2 lb bracket & possibly a bit more IMO.

Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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Cracking fish Rich.



Estimated weight for length in Perch. (You'll have to convert metric to imperial)


Inches .....lb ozs
9 ..... 0 12
10 .....0 13 ¼
11 .....0 14 ¾
12 .....1 0
13 .....1 4 ½
14 .....1 9 ¾
15 .....1 14 ½
16 .....2 5 ½
17 .....2 13 ¼
18 .....3 5 ½
19 .....3 15 ¼
20 .....4 9 ½
21 .....5 5 ¼



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Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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