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Horlicks For Balling In Maggots

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Horlicks is great for making maggots STICK together for balling in.

Dampen the maggots lightly with water then add the powder. (other way round may also be OK??) then stir them together by hand.

Great for feeding in a concentrated area - especially effective when fishing short in front - or "Down The Edge".

No it won't send them to sleep lol. rolleyes.png The fish or the maggots I mean.

Any left over can be frozen & "Balled In" dead on next session, might need some fresh powder this time though as it tends to separate & form into little balls while in the freezing process. (even moreso in the Fridge)

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I've still got a tub of 'Stickymag' in the shed somewhere but I've never needed to use it and I don't know if it's still usable.


I remember talking to friends who had used both horlicks and stickymag and had good results with both of them.


I also remember a friend saying that Coca-cola was good for sticking maggots together until they hit the water.



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I use it when soaking 2mm pellets for the method feeder.

Makes them very sticky which is handy for deeper pegs.



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