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Lay Flat Rod Holdall - use of tube consensus

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Many years ago I used to use the tubes to hold my various rods and would set up the one needed on arrival at a venue / peg depending on peg, conditions etc.

Two reasons for this:


I could not afford any rods to get damaged, rods were stored in tubes in the cases they came with to protect them from rattling about inside.

I only owned two reels - each with multiple spools to cover needs.


These days all my pole kits are stored in tubes for the same reason - to protect them but its now another story for the rods.


As I have progressed through life and my career several things have happened:


I have more disposable income, have become a father twice and for several years partook in match fishing.


Becoming a father and advancing with career = less self time for angling and more short sessions than long - when time allows.


More disposable income = reels for all rods + ready rod sleeves for all rods.


Match fishing = very little time to set up an unmade rod or two at the start of a match.


So now all my various set ups are ready to go in ready rod sleeves, Drennan match pro or super specialist for single rods and a MAP double holdall for specimen dual rod set up.


All sleeves are padded and protect rod/reel well, my rod quiver and match rod holdall also have pockets, Velcro etc to hold rod sleeves (inside and out side of big holdall) in place.

They also allow me to grab set up(s) I need for a session and be fishing within minutes of arrival at venue/peg.

I have a good few empty rod tubes up in the rafters!!!


Whichever way you do it - sleeve or tube - it's about protecting your rod in storage or transit, rod sleeves do make life more comfortable though if you have a reel for each rod although not a must:


I have a method feeder rod used and a very light bomb rod - both in their own rod sleeves set up with a clipped up spool each (both spools from same reel).

In the winter the bomb rod has the shared reel attached as this is when the rod gets used, all I need to do is clip up line on spool, quick release the spool, undo reel from rod then add reel to the other rod which is in the same state of being set up with only the spool. There is only one rule - make sure bale arm is open when taking off or putting on the spool!

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Different floats for different folks!


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What a great tip re the shared reel RUDD.


I've only been fishing for about 45 years & still learning. (Though pre set up rods were mostly unheard of back in the day)


I only have one quiver atm with just one rod already set up, but it will take 2 so will be using your idea this season




Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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