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Thanks, Chester. Help! If I've given them full use of my machine that's worrying. The main concerns would be two bank accounts, which of course have multiple passwords. What do I need to do? Even if I get new passwords presumably they could find out what they are if I log on to them?

The safest way is never to put anything important on a device that connects to another one ,pretty simple really

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I usually just use 2 words and the second 1 is "Off" then put the receiver down!!


(They also often Introduce themselves as "Andrew" with an Asian accent???? - No It isn't Andrew - is it!!)


Believe me - they're well used to it - Water & Ducks Backs springs to Mind!!


I've also used the - "Sorry me Mam's upstairs, just hold - I'll go & get her". Then leave them hanging till they get fed up!!


"Daddy/Mummy doesn't Live here any more" (in your best "Haribo Kids" voice) is also a good one!! :bigemo_harabe_net-163:


I like the Jelly rings best - They make me feel like a Pwincess :wiggle:


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Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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Im wondering how they got your license key and phone number of infact the command was one to display the product key at all.




My thoughts exactly, Andy.


John, the licence key is essentially a very large random number encoded in a format called a GUID (globally unique identifier). Similar GUID formats are used for all sorts of identifiers within a Windows computer, and many of them will identify identical components on all Windows PCs. So it's trivially easy to get a user to call up a code on their computer which looks like a licence key but is the same for everyone.


Imagine if you didn't know that a car's VIN is stamped on a plate in the engine bay, or what it looks like. A scammer tells you that he has the VIN for your car and proves it to you by reading the part ID printed on, say, the headlight assembly. Lo and behold, he has the code from your car, he must be telling the truth! That's the angle they are working.

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