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nice to be on the rivers again

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Well after going over to the dark side for a few years and doing lots of long stay carp fishing, this year has seen me back on the rivers. Having moved to the Waveney valley I joined Bungay cherry tree angling club. Its so nice to wander around the rivers travelling light, free lining baits for chub. Winter will see me looking to catch Pike from the river. nice to be back on Anglers net as well. tight lines everyone.

take a look at my blog


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Hi Peter,


I also went through the long stay carping stage for a few years, and like you I now spend a lot of my time roving and travelling light on my rivers and streams chasing Barbel, Chub and large Roach and I love it a lot more.


I still on occasion do a little Carp fishing but not nearly as much as I used to, and I dont take it as seriously as I did before.


Welcome back to the forum Peter.



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