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Monkey climbers

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Hi Si ,

I am old school and still use home made monkey climbers where I actually want to strike a running fish instead of self hooking on bolt rigs . They are in my opinion excellent for eels, catfish and perch .Mine are made by cutting up different lengths of small bore white plastic overflow pipe , this gives you different weight "monkeys" to counteract undertow etc. I use grey metal knitting needles as they are coated and never rust . The needled are pushed in at the required angle and height to suit the conditions. I like to use the lightest weight" monkey " for the conditions and to have it drop off asap so it needs only travel 2-3 inches .Obviously the reel is fished with the bail arm open. Cheap as chips and used in conjunction with my old Optonic Super XL`s as good a method of bite indication as you will get where fish are intolerant of resistance , and you want them to run . The old Optonics work with just line running over the wheel so you are fully aware even when the "monkey " has dropped off. For those who do not know the set up is positioned directly under the reel.

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Plenty of monkey hangers in Hartlepool Si. :bye2:

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I'll ask Julian to keep an eye out for them. We're still in touch and he dabbles a bit in old tackle.

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