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Old laptop memory

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Yep you and Mike are quite right. I tried the 2x1gb and although they fit, the laptop won't even boot up with them in. But nevermind, it only cost me less than a fiver to try.

The bios in the old laptops are very selective my old one has dedicated drives it can use ,putting in one even of the same size by the same maker refuses to work !only 2* 512mb can be used and only those on a select maker list will work.

It was a high powered machine new ! It was used by an F1 team but had been factory reset when i got it but they left a sticker on it!

Even worse was a hardened military one i had ,nothing could be changed everything was soldered in an protected !there was many layers to unscrew to find this out!

Typically this hadnt been reset but it seemed the disc contained little else but coordinates and the bit of software that used them corrupted ,its armoured box came in very handy though ,weighed about 25 kilos ,not exactly portable lol


I needed one for the mrs software so bought a lenovo thinkpad ,nice but long in the tooth but still works fine for what i want ,for just under £100 quid cheap enough and going by my sisters top of the range bit of crap will probably outlast it!

Small things impress me it has a little light you can switch on to illuminate the keyboard ,perfect for sitting at my desk with the lights off


I got it from here ,grade c but i cannot see a mark on it! New win10 install on it and its code on a sticker thats good! Battery was dead as expected but only £11 for a 9 cell replacement ,old has its advantages!


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