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Fair weather fisherman

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Methinks that's it for this year.


Cleaned sorted and put the tackle away in the dry.


I normally have a week away in November then the odd day Piking through to February time. This year I'm feeling the cold too much and the rain is getting me down.


Apart from the odd day shooting I'm hibernating till spring.

If all else fails, follow the intructions.
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That's possible. Either that, or it got washed away.....

Those enquiries about the pond I mentioned  Ian, led me to believe that there is very little in apart from F1s, and a few commons in there. When I asked around only a couple had ever had anything othe

Thank you very much for your offer, if I do make the trip over it will be in the summer, when we have longer days. It must be 25+ years since I fished Dam Flask, I don't remember how it fished, b



Until my late twenties I would only fish through the summer.

As soon as the hunting season opened that was it, I was out with the dogs, ferrets and guns. No way would I go fishing in cold weather.....£uck that for a game of soldiers lol.

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The incessant rain, the resultant mud and indifferent fish are enough to put anyone off fishing. I'm happy to fish in the rain as long as I can set up and pack up in the dry. Cold and dry is acceptable and I look foward to having a go.

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I had a little look round a local pond the other day, 1 chap fishing, he was cold wet and miserable. Glad to talk to me to break up his day. Going on for 4pm at the time and he'd been there from early and catching intermittently. Didn't want to pack up as it was his one day off that week.


Sort of made my mind up then it was time to call it quits for the year.


Its flooding very bad here today, rivers bursting banks, houses flooding, most of the city is gridlocked and many roads closed. No buses, no trams. Been on TV that Police have told staff at Meadowhall shopping centre (I call it meadowhell) to prevent customers leaving as all roads in the area are impassable. TV showed rivers damaging property. So glad all my family are home, just hope those at Meadowhell get out.


Definitely not fishing weather. Roll on spring.

If all else fails, follow the intructions.
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I have 3 seasons ,in the heat its fishing! in the spring its fishing and detecting and in the autumn its detecting ,there used to be 4 but now i cannot fish for pike in the winter (no car ,no place to go ) its just 3


The local stream gets so many leaves floating down interfering with my line it annoys me so i dont go any more

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Not much fun at the moment. I was fishing on Saturday, it lashed it down. I rather stupidly thought overcast skies and plenty of rain would = Zander.

Not even a touch at sunset and stupid decision number 2, I fished on in to darkness for an hour or two. So ended up packing up in the dark, wet, cold and without a single fish. I feel the cold these days so may well end up a bit of a fair weather fisherman. However, I am hoping to do some Pike fishing on the local resevours even if it's only short half day sessions.



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Across the U.S. twenty three record low temperatures set overnight. Some breaking records from back in the 1930's.

Makes a guy want to devote himself to playing with the children's mother.



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I might have the occasional day out after Chub and Barbel if we get any mild days during the winter, but if it’s cold and a bit windy then I’ll be be wrapped up in front of the fire..

I might even have the very occasional day out trying to catch a Pike or two or a few nice sized Carp if I get too stir crazy and it was a pleasant sunny and fairly windless day.

But if it is going to be anywhere near being uncomfortably cold and/or windy then forget it; I’m getting far too old for that and my fingers have started to seize up in the cold, my days of fishing with ice creeping across the surface have long long gone.


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I can cope with the cold if there's little or no wind and the suns out , even when the temp's are just above frezing it feels warm in those conditions.

Once the sun goes down though you start to feel the chill.  

We have a blustery north east wind here just now and it feels really cold.  I would go for an hour or two later but the rivers are still way to high for trotting and I really can't be bothered to go legering.

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Mmm, one of my replies on this thread seems to have disappeared, lost in transit I guess.

I haven't been fishing for a few weeks, in fact I let my license run out, last month, and have only just renewed it.

I'm debating with myself, (no mean task), whether to go tomorrow or not. My wife is going to an exhibition in York, so I'm free from the usual Saturday shopping, and I would rather be in the fresh air on a chilly bankside than decorating at home. Problem is, where to go? The rivers are on the rise again after yesterdays rain. I've tried to go to the little pond I mentioned before, but after a few more inquiries, can't bring myself to accept that I'd enjoy the chance of catching a few F1s. At the moment, I'm stuck between a 45/50 odd mile round trip to a free pond/lake I haven't fished for about 20 years, or, a trip to the Aire and Calder canal a couple of miles below Leeds. I'm leaning towards the canal, it acts as a sanctuary for the fish when the rivers are in flood, and can be a bit of an aquarium, you're not sure what you might hook into, although roach, dace, and perch, are the usual suspects. 

A trip to Bobco this afternoon is on the cards, for maggots, worms, a few bits, and possibly a bit of info' on any other water that might be producing at the moment.



Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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