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Who Needs The BBC??

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On 3/4/2020 at 3:07 AM, Phone said:


What part of "you will need a new modem" did you miss?  Takea look at the URL I posted


Not sure i do ,the present router is the one BT sent when i ordered the line upgrade and it does have 1 gigabit network capability so everything bar that old network switch is capable of running at that speed .

We only use wifi on the tablets and phones but thats just for general phone stuff and browsing we are not streaming films etc .

The only thing i cant work out is how the optical signal coming in gets to the router theres no optical 'in' on the router so i presume the signal is reverted to wire for the last 3 feet to the router? Possibly via the red coloured network cable that came with the router that probably plugs into the red coloured network socket on the hub that pinches one of the 4 network sockets?

Update there two small boxes one outside one inside the red cable goes from the box to the router as presumed ,speed now 141 ish mb so now i can watch 4k youtube without buffering ,if only i could see any difference from  1080p🙁 my dissapointment is delivered faster though but online gaming will resume from a long long holiday!

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