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13 hours ago, Martin56 said:

Hi John, here's a lovely pond to take your grandson. The first peg as you go in is to the left in a nice little bay & full of nice Roach & Perch (but beware of the odd Donkey) It's about 3 or 4 foot deep & half pint of maggots apiece will do you both & 2 can fish same peg. I've had nets full of Roach & Perch & nice easy fishing especially with a young lad.

Was £3 day ticket last time I went but may be a bit more now??


Hi Martin, thanks for the info', I'll try and have a reccy to have a look at the place.

I took my grandson for his first outing last Saturday, to the Aire and Calder canal at Stourton, it's on the Leeds book and I'm a member so no problem, and it's only 15 mins away with plenty of flat bank space. I just took a couple of whips, some spare hooks floats, nets, umbrella, and plenty to eat and drink. I thought that a couple of hours might be about the limit of his attention, but I was being a bit optimistic. I'm glad I just set up one whip, and as I set it up, I put a few maggots, and a small ball of groundbait in. We settled down, but the whip was a little heavy for him so I had to help support it. With in a minute we had a perch of about 5oz, then a couple of roach, then he asked if we could have a 'little break and something to eat'. When we started again, a few more roach followed, until the heavens opened, and we had to stop while I put the umbrella up. Another few roach and perch, then another 'pit stop' for food. Then after about 50 mins he said he wanted to go back to our house and play with his garage. We made a deal that when we'd caught 12 fish, so I could take a picture for his Mum, Dad and Grandma we'd go, that took about another 10 minutes. So for less that I hours actual fishing, we'd ended up with a catch of 14, (my miscount) roach and perch, and a small bream. The pictures were taken, and we were back home about 2 1/2 hours after setting off. I struggle to put pics up on here or I would. The fish were still feeding well as we left, and it was a bit of a bind leaving, but he said he'd enjoyed it, apart from the roach being a bit 'too slimy'. He didn't mind handling the perch, and couldn't wait to tell everyone that a roach had pooed on Grandads hand when I was unhooking it! 

I enjoyed taking him, but then I enjoy all the things we do together, but I feel he wasn't quite ready yet. I will keep asking, no pressure, and let him decide when, or if he wants to go again. 


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Angling is more than just catching fish, if it wasn't it would just be called 'catching'......... John

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Whips are the best way ,my kids near drove me mad tangling the reels up ,saying that a bit of patience and no burying them in shallow graves in the woods and they will master it.

Whether they enjoy it is up to them ,catching helps lol

All mine took to it catching the easy trout in the river but only one still fishes and his kids enjoy it

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Thanks for the share John, That memory will chase a few bad ones away for ever and I’m sure it will stay with nipper forever.

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John, just start fishing & someone will come round to get your £3. (or £15 for the book)

Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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