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What club to join?

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I haven't been fishing for some time now after being a fanatic for most of my life but recently I've been getting a real hankering to just sit by some lily pads on a lake or a slow running riverand ponder as we do. Don't want matches or busy. Just want something to belong to. Used to belong to Canterbury and District, who have some great waters but I'm in Medway and looking for something closer to home. Of course the current situation makes things impossible but a little homework doesn't hurt does it. Sort of like the old days when we had a proper close season and dreamt of June 16th. 

So any reccommends guys?

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Posted (edited)

Hi Aqua, welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately I don’t live in your area so can’t help you as far as the fishing locations and clubs in your area but here are a few of the Angling clubs in and around the Medway that you might want to look at.







Don’t forget to tell us about your catches

Tight lines



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Happiness is Fish shaped (it used to be woman shaped but the wife is getting on a bit now)

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Thanks Keith.

I've actually been a member since 02. Kinda lost some of the flavour with the onset of the Carp pandemic.  I got my first blank from an angler ever in response to "Any good?". He was a Carp fisherman.

It seems likely from today that we can go fishing so I'll go through your list with more enthusiasm. Thank you for taking the trouble.

Regards. Paul

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