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First time out this year


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Although I'd planned a few days previous my health kept me in doors.

I was told of a pond, definitely not a carp puddle, localish and reasonably accessible. Despite an 80% forecast of rain I thought why not. It was my daughters fellas only day off this week so yesterday or nothing.

Arriving at 0700, I couldn't manage any earlier despite my excitement, retirement has got to me and to get there at 0700 I had to be up at 0500. Early enough. One person fishing, 1st peg out of the car park, ha ha. 

No longer steady on my feet I don't walk round anymore. Five minutes with the binos and I'd picked the furthest peg and probably the least accessible, bubbles and cover generally mean fish.

Shortly after and a short rest, cup of coffee and a pork pie I was set up. Crystal clear water and maybe 6" deep for the first 10 feet after which it looked sloping. I'd set up a centrepin and quill as I thought the slope by the lilies looked good. What a shock, at 10' it dropped off sharply to around 22' and became deeper towards the middle with leaf and tree debris on the bottom.

I tried the centrepin rig at 20' out, set at 10' on the drop. Immediately assaulted by masses of 1 - 2oz perch and roach. Worm, maggot even a piece of meat the same.

Change of tack and a feeder rod set up, cage feeder, ground bait, sweetcorn, hemp and chopped worm plus a few maggots. Size 10 hook, 2' tail, running rig and a full lob worm. First bite as I was tightening up, 4oz perch hanging on to the lob for grim death. After that it settled to the odd perch, roach to around 12oz but mainly bream around the 2lbs mark. 

Chopped and changed with hook size and bait all day, down to a 16 and up to an 8, searched out a few areas and found fish a plenty, mostly greedy perch snatching the bait but lots of very shy biting bream.

Finished the day early as I'm really a fair weather fisherman these days and the damp was getting to me and I was in considerable joint pain.

It's nice to find somewhere that you don't just scoop them out and have to work for bites and then convert the bites to fish. Actually think about what you're doing so that each fish is an achievement. Great that you don't have to fish banded pellets as standard too. £5.00 a day, if the balliffe calls is good value.

In hindsight I should have not bothered with the float and fished feeder straight off. Also maybe a 14/16 hook, lighter cage full running and different tail lengths. Every day you learn something.

If it wasn't for the Coronaviris this week and the next two, I had a cottage on the river booked in Norfolk. 1 sack of hemp, 1 sack of groundbait and lots other things sat in the garage awaiting better times.

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If all else fails, follow the intructions.
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Damn, there is nothing like a good write-up on AN. I love the stories, the trials and tribulations of the day's session. I too have had better times with health issues. Been rode hard and put away wet too many times. Some of the most difficult fishing escapades also are the most memorable. 

Thanks for sharing. Any time spent on the bank is added on at the other end.

I have some advice. The smallest hook I carry is  #4.

Keep 'em coming - love fish stories


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