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pointless government rules

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19 hours ago, Tigger said:


Nothing wrong with sugar in it's natural forms, it's the processed sugar which can cause harm.  Although you need to do naff all exercise and eat too much for it to cause a problem.

People eat fruites as a diet, fruite is full of natural sugar which is still fattening.

If someone wants to loose weight just go on a 1000 calorie diet and exercise.  I wanted to loose some weight and stuck to 1000 to 1200 calories a day and lost 3 1/2 stone in less than a month.

Exercise will help loose weigh but only if you cut down your calories.

A good diet to quickly loose weight is keto diet, and contrary to what a lot of people say it won't do you any harm at all.....unless you have some health issues already!


Unfortunately I hear this a lot, but unfortunately not all of us can exercise like we want or used to.

As a former Parachute Regiment soldier I was arguably one of the fittest men in the country, however, age, disability, old injurys and more recently a stroke put paid to any form of exercise. Unfortunately I do have to eat, although I try to eat more healthy now. With being unable to exercise, I can walk unaided maybe a car length I went from a healthy 12 stone (just under 6'tall) to around 15 stone, it varies from week to week depending on the size of my 💩

Being overweight is not always lifestyle choice or idleness nor for the lack of wanting to exercise. 

Just as an extra, I have to be very careful in what I eat as I'm also now an insulin dependent diabetic. I don't sit about all day shovelling chocolates crisps and pop down my gullet.

If all else fails, follow the intructions.
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