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Hello everyone, I'm seeking some advice on the subject of rod and reel combos for a novice angler, I have not fished for 30 years, my only previous experience is a little float fishing as a child, I've seen mention of Shakespeare and Abu combos online, I've literally no idea on ideal rod length or type of reel, I'm not targeting any particular fish, just whatever is in the local fishing lakes ?

Any advice greatly appreciated


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Hi Alan, and welcome to the forum.

I think you should take a little time talking to people around your local fishing lakes or to your local tackle shop to see what they are catching from your local fishing lakes first so that you have a good idea of the prominent species that are in there.

Also what is your price range that you want to spend on your rod and reel or your Pole?

Once you know the above we can advise you a lot better.

Drennan, Diawa, Greys, Shakespeare, Abu and other rod makers all make some decent rods however beware of the very cheapest ranges especially with the very cheap Shakespeare and Abu rods, but the mid priced ones and upwards are usually fine.

Tight lines




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Welcome to the forum, what BB says⬆️.

Dont forget the ‘used’ market, local car boot sales & eBay. Can get some decent stuff from people quitting or buying better.

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