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1 hour ago, chesters1 said:

My bridge camera goes from 100 - 12800 but it never goes out of auto  if i had a fishing camera i would use my cheap phone but i have ever only taken one picture of a fish ,my sons first tench and that camera is long gone it was an instamatic or something lol

It annoys me fewer and fewer cameras use AA batteries now you cannot just chuck them in a vacuum seal bag for a year with a set of batteries you have to plan ahead grrr

I completely agree. On occasion, I get to fish places where there is no power to recharge an internal battery and if I could change one thing about the Sony, it would be the power supply.

Species caught in 2020: Barbel. European Eel. Bleak. Perch. Pike.

Species caught in 2019: Pike. Bream. Tench. Chub. Common Carp. European Eel. Barbel. Bleak. Dace.

Species caught in 2018: Perch. Bream. Rainbow Trout. Brown Trout. Chub. Roach. Carp. European Eel.

Species caught in 2017: Siamese carp. Striped catfish. Rohu. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Black Minnow Shark. Perch. Chub. Brown Trout. Pike. Bream. Roach. Rudd. Bleak. Common Carp.

Species caught in 2016: Siamese carp. Jullien's golden carp. Striped catfish. Mekong catfish. Amazon red tail catfish. Arapaima. Alligator gar. Rohu. Black Minnow Shark. Roach, Bream, Perch, Ballan Wrasse. Rudd. Common Carp. Pike. Zander. Chub. Bleak.

Species caught in 2015: Brown Trout. Roach. Bream. Terrapin. Eel. Barbel. Pike. Chub.

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OH Dear, come on Chesters, are you saying that Martin is an indiscriminate flasher, just flashing all over the place? Surely he would be posting reviews up about long  Macintosh Coats. Just sayin

Back in the days.... I used ISO 3200 and 6400 film mainly black & white so I could process myself. It is entirely conceivable that the camera is correctly labelled particularly if it has a ‘n

Good at dusk something that unfortunately few cameras especially phone ones can do without the flash scaring off everything within 50 yards.

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17 hours ago, snakey1 said:

Is it the S210 coolpix ? as this has a 8mp sensor and an iso range up to 2000 (although photos taken at this iso will probably be grainy as hell) .

iso 2000 isn't that high for a half decent modern digital my 7d came out in 2009 and will go up to iso12800 and the mark 2 (released in 2014) will go up to iso51200.

if you really want to push it the 1dx mk3 will go as high as iso819,200 in H3 custom function but will cost you about £6500 without any lenses.

Yes mate S210 coolpix- good enough for fishing pic's - I'm no David Bailey or Lord Litchfield!!


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Fishin' - "Best Fun Ya' can 'ave wi' Ya' Clothes On"!!

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6 hours ago, Martin56 said:

Yes mate S210 coolpix- good enough for fishing pic's - I'm no David Bailey or Lord Litchfield!!


yup the s210 will go up to iso 2000, and if its good enough for your needs that's all that matters

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On 9/7/2020 at 8:05 AM, Phone said:


If I WASN'T to lazy and thought I could understand what I was looking at again I'd go to the basement and drag out stuff from the 60's .

Isn't  ISO simply a camera setting that will brighten or darken and can help you capture images in darker environments, or be more flexible about your aperture and shutter speed settings.? (I REMEMBER when the F8 barrier was broken. Just can' remember what the F8 stood for)

I remember the lens my great grandchildren NOW use to burn ants was a Leica (sp) that cost a small fortune at the time. I have intended to gift all to a photography school. Just haven't done it.  My last new body was a MINOLTA (?SP). Are they still in business?


Nikon were the ones who broke the F8 barrier by realising the quality of the lens did not have to go across the whole lens but just the centre as that was usually where the subject was. There was then a sudden surge in usage from the newspaper photographers, almost every shot of a group of them was a sea of Nikon’s.

Nevermind putting the ISO, or, ASA into the camera, I remember when the setting on the camera was only there to remind you what film you had loaded so you could set the exposure meter correctly, it was separate.

Before you took a photo you would turn the camera around and look at the depth of field and focus range which, after all is what the aperture is all about, or was! No SLR then.

I can still use a single shot bellows camera which are far superior to cameras today simply because you only got one shot and couldn’t make stupid mistakes.

Minolta got merged with Konica, might still be about.

It was equally important that the end process used a similar quality lens to the photographer, I always used Rodenstock lenses in my enlarger, a lot complained after buying decent equipment that results were no better without realising this simple fact.

At the end of the day, most cameras now are similar and are very suitable for the use they are put to, photographing what you are eating and putting the photos on social media.

Us weirdos look at fish pictures, looking at Martin’s they are good enough for purpose.

I have a digital camera I bought for the wife, it is brilliant and cheap but as with most things she has lost it in the house somewhere.

But to finish I would recommend the free prints app, brilliant.

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"My imaginary friend doesn't like your imaginary friend is no basis for armed conflict...."

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