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It depends entirely on your budget and what size of fish you will be expecting to catch on your rod(s); but you could do a lot worse than having a look at the Drennan range of float rods and specimen rods; they have some rods like the ‘Series 7’ range and the ‘Red Range’ which are not too expensive and good rods too.


The last float rods that I bought from Drennan were a 13ft Tench & Specimen Float rod and a 13ft Acolyte Ultra Float rod both of which are excellent rods albeit built for different sizes of fish. The Tench & Specimen rod was not that expensive either although the Acolyte Ultra was a bit more expensive.

The last two reels that I bought were a Shimano Stradic GTM RC rear drag reel and a Shimano Aero 4000FA front drag reel but neither of these were that cheap however a well known and respected more affordable family of reels is the Diawa Ninja family of reels, or even the Drennan Series of reels or the Drennan Red Range of reels.

NB The Ninja doesn’t come with any spare spools whereas the Drennan reels come with 3 different spools as standard.

Shimano and Diawa make some excellent reels (and rods too) of all sizes and you might be better to go to a ‘good’ tackle shop and get them to show you a few of their rods and matching reels and can advise you more.




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Hi I’m Patrick ,
im returning to fishing after 17 years.....my tackle was stolen and replaced by the insurance company, but the wife said if I used the equipment it had to go up the shed...to be stolen again so never did, I’ve now got rid of the wife !

I've lost one of the legs off my Maver box and had a nightmare to get 16mm ones, had to buy a set of 4....I see there’s not a lot off attachments for the octopus frames anymore...nothing seems to use 16mm.

I have everything I need just need to replace the elastics in the 4 top kits and replace line on the reels and rigs as I guess it’s deteriorated 


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