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no more fishing for a while ganag!

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Phone - Firstly, I think I understand what you're saying as your grammar leaves a lot to be desired but, believe me when I say this, I am NOT having a pop at you in any way as I sometimes find it hard to understand what some people are saying due to the way they put it across. 

Secondly, regarding the last CAPITALISED paragraph of your message, I know it was aimed at Chesters1, but you don't seem to understand my questioning you over what exactly it is I've got to learn, as that was what you advised him/her in that particular message. So I'll ask you again: "What exactly is it I will learn?". I couldn't sleep well last night wondering what the answer was so I look forward to 'hearing' one of your pearls of wisdom. 

Thirdly, with regards to 'Rabbit', there's certainly plenty of that going on in this thread at the moment, courtesy of Chesters1 and, of course, myself.

To all who are reading my drivel - Sorry if I'm boring you but once I've put Phone over my knee and given his bottom a good smack, I'II attempt to get back to the subject of angling. 

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Don’t bite Tigger, this childish pleb has ‘Winding people up on forums’ on his list of interests (what a really sad git he must be 🙄). Just ignore this fool and he might just float away on his bu

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Chesters1 - Continuing on from our earlier conversation regarding chenille for the spool of my Daiwa 120m, I have just spoken to Jim in Swindon and was informed that although he has it in stock, due to the government restrictions he has had to close the shop so it won't be available until mid February at the earliest. Now there's a dilemma for you... the fishing ban has been relaxed but we have no means of purchasing live bait. A classic example, once again, of Boris Johnson engaging his mouth without putting his brain into gear. I've surfed the 'net for fly fishing websites but the problem there is that their version of chenille does not contain a wire insert, so that's of no use. And I can't get any joy from the Hobbycraft website in spite of the fact they advertise  a C&C service, as I was contemplating purchasing some felt (which is cheap) and cutting and glueing it to the spool (which, incidentally, also makes excellent backing).

Everyone else - Where is everybody when you need them? I suppose you're all breaking the rules by not being at home instead of coming on here with some original suggestions. Tut-tut!

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On 1/10/2021 at 1:03 PM, Bubble Float said:

John S - Thanks for the info. I wasn't sure of the actual facts due to so many  contradictory statements on the internet (unofficial ones, of course).

I'm slightly confused about the reasoning behind your tree listing. That must be SOME cannabis you've got hold of there. Now try listing them with their correct Latin names; that should keep you occupied for the rest of the day.

Peter Waller - I agree with your statement. The problem for me is that  to remain within the 5 mile limit, the only river I can fish is the Wandle and that is so 'deep' that if you stand in the middle, the tops of your shoes remain dry. 

About the trees - I'm just a bad caster.

About listing them in Latin - Sod Off :D

I have a few years more trees, dogs, something big that shrieked one night and a seagull in flight to add.....

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John S

Quanti Canicula Ille In Fenestra


Species caught in 2017 Common Ash, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, White Willow.

Species caught in 2016: Alder, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Crab Apple, Left Earlobe, Pedunculate Oak, Rock Whitebeam, Scots Pine, Smooth-leaved Elm, Swan, Wayfaring tree.

Species caught in 2015: Ash, Bird Cherry, Black-Headed Gull, Common Hazel, Common Whitebeam, Elder, Field Maple, Gorse, Puma, Sessile Oak, White Willow.

Species caught in 2014: Big Angry Man's Ear, Blackthorn, Common Ash, Common Whitebeam, Downy Birch, European Beech, European Holly, Hawthorn, Hazel, Scots Pine, Wych Elm.
Species caught in 2013: Beech, Elder, Hawthorn, Oak, Right Earlobe, Scots Pine.

Species caught in 2012: Ash, Aspen, Beech, Big Nasty Stinging Nettle, Birch, Copper Beech, Grey Willow, Holly, Hazel, Oak, Wasp Nest (that was a really bad day), White Poplar.
Species caught in 2011: Blackthorn, Crab Apple, Elder, Fir, Hawthorn, Horse Chestnut, Oak, Passing Dog, Rowan, Sycamore, Willow.
Species caught in 2010: Ash, Beech, Birch, Elder, Elm, Gorse, Mullberry, Oak, Poplar, Rowan, Sloe, Willow, Yew.

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John S - Welcome back to this thread. 

Regarding your casting, either try fishing away from the trees or, get yourself a small harpoon and 'shoot' the hook to where you want it placed.

As for my 'Latin' suggestion, go ahead with it and prove to everyone you're not just a Super Modulator, but an intelligent one at that. You know, that could well be a first on here.

One question I have that needs an answer is this: every time I log on I get an instant email telling me that AN does not recognise my smartphone and asks me to ignore the email if in fact it was me that logged on. I get too much crap in my inbox as it is, so how can this be stopped? Also, as a smaller aside, whenever I try to use an emoji on here, the AN system tries to oblige but never delivers; and it never happens to me on any other website. Why is that, oh wise one? 

Edited by Bubble Float
Punctuation correction. I'm too pedantic at times.
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On 1/11/2021 at 12:14 AM, Phone said:







I have to ask, do you remember RABBIT on the forum?  Do you know him?


I think our friend has resurfaced MR Bush

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Believe NOTHING anyones says or writes unless you witness it yourself and even then your eyes can deceive you

None of this "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" crap it just means i have at least two enemies!


There is only one opinion i listen to ,its mine and its ALWAYS right even when its wrong


Its far easier to curse the darkness than light one candle


Mathew 4:19

Grangers law : anything i say will  turn out the opposite or not happen at all!

Life insurance? you wont enjoy a penny!

"To compel a man to furnish contributions of money for the propagation of opinions which he disbelieves and abhors, is sinful and tyrannical." Thomas Jefferson

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Chester1 - Only an 8 word remark? What's the problem, cat got your tongue?

Edited by Bubble Float
Grammar correction. Using a smartphone keypad can be a pain in the backside when you're in a hurry.
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If you live in the N.E. Surrey area:

Cheam Angling are still trading so live bait is available. Visit their website at 'cheamangling.com' for details. Fresh maggots, worms & castors are available. Orders can be placed at: '[email protected]' for collection or phone: 0208 330 4787. Also, you can order at the shop door and the staff will shop for you.

Tight Lines!


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To all.

I know it's a bit late now, but below is a screenshot of an email I received from 'TackleUK', arguably Britain's biggest online fishing shop regarding the lifting of the fishing ban.

Tackle UK Times - paper.png

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AT is just a organisation, group of people being paid by the EA using anglers licence money to do so.

What's the point in doing that when the EA could just do the things the AT do anyhow?

Maybe the AT is another route for the EA to get more money via AT memberships on top of the fishing licence fee?



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Tigger - 

I'd like to take your comment seriously but according to your details, you'll be 107 this month so, I'II just assume you are only on here to provoke users. 

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